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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Job Change

I am trying to change my job as I do not see any future in my present one ( very less paid and too much of tension and agony). I was hospitalized till last june 2012 and started looking for a new job ever since. Can some one suggest when there will be a change and if it will be towards my settlement and desirable?

Birth Details 
Feb 3rd 1980 
2:28 am


I have constructed your chart as per Krishnamurti Padhati.

For success in Service and good Income, the 6th House  sub lord should be the significator of house 2 (wealth) and 11 (Gains / Income) . If the person also enjoys authority on the job then 10th house signification is also there showing power. Lets see what is in your chart. 

Your Sub Sub lord of the 6th house of service is Mars. The significations will work in following serial order.

1. Planet Mars is in constellation of Venus who is positioned in 4th house and owns 7th and 12th house. As per KP theory, planets in the constellations of occupants give strongest results. Now 4th house is 11th from 6th house. This represents gains by serving in a place where you were born.

2. Venus  is also resulting in signification of 12th house which represents loss. Hence due to simultaneous significations of 12th house , your gains may be nullified. This means working in foreign land or place far off from your place of birth may not suit you.

Analysis of your 10th House Sub sub lord

Your 10th house sub sub lord is Rahu who is in Ketu Star. Therefore Rahu is significating 3rd and 9th house which are both bad for profession. 3rd house is 6th from 10th and 9th house is 12th from 10 house. Both of them will result in disputes at work place and end of job because 12th from any house represents dissolution of that house.

Your current Mahadasa is Moon-Saturn Mahadasa. Again here Moon is significator of 3 and 9 house and saturn is significating 3,4,10 house. The signification of 9th house will bring change of Job. I think by 26th Jan 2013 , you will quit your current job.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Marital discord & Job loss

Most Respected Sir,

My name is XXXXXX
DOB : 10th January 1979
Tob: 03:53 am early morning
POB: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)  Latitude 26.50N,  Longitude: 80.54E

I am facing a lot of problems in marriage and am having no job for
since 01st September. Request your valued predictions.


Following is your Chart as per Krishnamurti Padhati system.

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

The Marriage success or failure is analysed from 7th house sub sub lord. If the 7th sub sub lord is also significator of 6th house and 12th house then it results in marital discord. In your chart, Saturn is sub sub lord of 7th house and is retrograde. Hence Saturn will be ineffective is signifying the matters of 7th house.

Saturn is in star of Venus. Venus is stationed in 12th house. The 12th house signifies marital disputes. 

You are currently running Jupiter - Mercury - Venus Dasa.

Inline image 5

Jupiter is not the sub sub lord of any of the cusp.  Jupiter is in constellation of Saturn who is owner of 3,4 houses and stationed in 9th house. Since the constellation lord Saturn  is retrograde, Jupiter will be ineffective in giving results of 3,4,9 houses. 

Jupiter is lord of 2,5 and stationed in 8. The 8th house represents sudden changes, obstacles , accidents.  Hence Jupiter Mahadasa will bring lot of obstacles, sudden changes, chances of accidents during its Mahadasa which will run till 2023. Jupiter is also lord of 2 which is marak sthana. Hence you need to be very careful during the period of Jupiter Mahadasa especially the period between 29th May 2014 and 8th oct 2014.  these obstacles , mental agony  will be in relation to Family matters, wealth, children due to its relation with 2 and 5 house. 5th house is 12th from 6th house and 8th from 10th house which is both not good from profession and service perspective. 5th house being 12th from 6 represents end of job and being 8th from 10th house of profession represents obstacles in profession or sudden break in professional duties.

Mercury is in constellation of Ketu who is signifying 2,4,5,8 houses. Again here 5,8 house getting affected which are not good for service and will create obstacles.

Delayed Marriage


> DATE - 16 TH AUGUST 1982
> TIME - 8.05 PM
> PLACE - KARIMNAGAR ( A. P.)- 79 E 09'00" 18 N 26'00"

The native  is currently running Mercury-Mercury Dasa period. Mercury is a significator of 3,4,5,6,8 houses. Hence during the Mahadasa of Mercury, marriage is impossible as it is not signficating any of the marriage related houses.

In Krishnamurti Padhhati , Planets which signify 2,7,11 houses will result in Marriage. As per the below chart, SUN, Saturn , Mars , Venus, Moon are key  planets who are signifying these houses.  Out of this Saturn, Venus and Sun are signifying 7th houses. Hence Marriage can happen only in the Dasa of these planets. As per the below Vimshottri Chart, Mercury as Mahadasa lord is not signifying 2,7 or 11. Hence till 2028 there is no Yoga for marriage. If there is any slightest chance then it can happen only during the following period between aug 2014 to april 2018.

Inline image 3

Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Job problems and becoming an NRI

my Own details is as follows:

DOB: 25-02-1974
TimeL 13:50 Pm
Place: BUNDI -Rajasthan

presently i am running eight saturn transit and even Rahu wil be in eighths from Dec 23rd

I had a very good time form 2000 to 2009, but since then I am struggling very much on JOB front and also on financial matters

I am also concerned about my eigth venus,, Saturn+Ketu in lagna

Can I ever be NRI and do i have any business prospect in life
Pls suggest some fundamental remedy for me and when will good period start

I am also not married till date

Pls throw some light on my future.


Your current Dasa is Venus - Mercury...

Job is seen from 6th house Sub lsub lord .If the 6th House sub sub lord has connection with 8th house then you may face obstacles in Job. 

9th house is disconnection from Profession being 12th from 10th house of profession. 

5th house is 12th from 6th house of service. This means dissolution of service. 5th house is also 8th from 10th house which shows obstacles from profession.

Hence any planets signifying 5 and 9  houses will bring dissolution of profession / services. If the 6th house sub sub lord is also significator of 8th house then one may face obstacles in profession.

2000 to 2009  period , Good why.?

venus - moon dasa upto 24/6/2001 (good because of moon signification of 1 2 4 9 10 houses)
venus - mars  upto         24/08/2002  (good because of mars signification of 3 6 9 11 houses)
venus - rahu    upto        24/08/2005  (Good because Rahu is placed in 6th house of service)
venus - jupiter  upto       24/08/2008 ( Jupiter signifying 6,7,9,10,11)

So except the 9th house negative effect signification rest all the antardasa periods were contributing to good house . 2(house of wealth), 4 (comforts , luxary , house, vehicle ) , 6 (House of service ) , 10 (House of profession ) , 11(Gains , fulfillment of desires)

6th House sub sub lord 

Your 6th sub Sub lord is Mars who is in star of Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in 9th house in your  chart and is also owner of 1, 7 house .Hence on Star level , it is significating 1,7,9 house. Mars is owner of 11th house and 6th house and is placed in 11th house. Hence Mars will signify 6,11 house.

Therefore the sub sub lord Mars being in constellation of Jupiter who is in 9th house is not good for profession. 


Venus is Sub Sub lord of 9th Cusp. Its in Star of Sun who is owner of 3rd house and is stationed in 9th house. Therefore again 9th house is getting impacted. Venus is also lord of 5th house and 12th house. There is no planet in star / constellation of Venus . Therefore Venus himself will give effects of 5th house and 12th house and 7th house. Hence during Venus Mahadasa you will face issues in profession due to signification of 5th house. 


Mercury is in star of Rahu and sub sub of Mars. Rahu is stationed in 6th house but in  sign. So Rahu will give impact of 8th house ,9th house and 12th house because Saturn is owner of 8,9 house but placed in 12th house. So Mercury will signify 1,4,6,9 houses. The houses 1 and 9 are problematic because 1st house is 8th from 6th.

Hence you will face issues during this period of Venus-Mercury dasa. 

Business Prospects (7th house sub sub lord)

Your 7th house sub sub lord is Saturn. Hence Saturn is significating affairs of 6,8,9,11,12. Though the signification of 11th house is good for business, rest of the houses signification is bad for business. i.e 6,8,12. Dont even try your hands at Business.

Being an NRI (12th house sub sub lord)

 Becoming NRI means that 12th sub sub lord should significate 3rd house (because 3rd house is 12th from 4th) of Vice Versa that 3rd house sub sub lord should significate 12th house. If any of these sub sub lords of 3 or 12 house also significate 4th house then there is no chance of becoming NRI and you will keep coming back to home land.

Your 12th Sub Sub lord is Mars. Mars is signification 3,6,9,11. Since 12th Sub sub lord is also significating 3rd house. There is high chance that you can settle in foreign land.

Your 4th house sub sub lord is Saturn. Saturn is in constellation of Mars who is a significator of 3rd house ( as discussed above). Saturn himself is placed in 12th house. Hence this is strong indication of your foreign settlement.

However both Mars and saturn Mahadasa are appearing in very late part of your life. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Issue in Relationship

respected sir..

sir im facing prob. in my life from last year.. i m facing prb from in my
relationship plz guide me i want to know my marrige will arrange or luv?? nd kb
tk hogi??


I have taken following as your details:

Gender of Native : female
DOB : 28.07.1989
time of Birth : 7.05 am
Place of birth : Indore

Relationship is looked from 7th house. in your horoscope , Your 7th house sub lord is Sun. Sun is in star of Saturn who is owner of 7th and 8th house but sitting in 5th house of love. Sun is the owner of 2nd house but sitting in 12th house .Therefore sun is significating 2,5,7,8,12 houses. 

The connection of 5th and 7th house indicate love marriage because 5th house is significator of love and 7th house is marriage, marriage partner and house of relationships. 

Signification of 8th house shows obstacles and 12th house shows marital disputes. Therefore the marriage will not come easy for you.

 Your 7th house has Rahu stationed in Saturn sign. This means you will marry against social norms. May be inter caste marriage or against your family societal  norms.

Hence the marriage will fructify only during the period planets who signify 5,7,11 house. Hence Sun, Saturn, Rahu Dasa will bring marriage for you.

Your Mahadasa - Bhukti periods are as follows

Rahu-Mercury (uptill 24/01/2014)
Rahe-Ketu (upto 12/02/2015)
Rahu -Venus ( 12/02/2018)
Rahu - sun (06/01/2019)

Currently your mahadasa is Rahu-mercury-rahu. The Rahu Saturn Dasa has already passed.

Rahu is significating 1, 5, 7,  10 house.Signification of 5th and 7th house results in love marriage. Hence your marriage period has started as your are running Rahu Mahadasa. The marriage will happen in the period 17/07/2018 to 07/09/2018.  

Due to your current sub period of Mercury you will face problems in relationships because Mercury is significating your 12th house. 12th house is 6th from 7th house and 6th house represents disputes.This is not good as this results in marital /relational / partner disputes. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Marital Dispute and Second Marriage

 Can anyone Please guide me about an approximate time when i can expect my
> second marriage and some details about the girl
> *My Details*
> 13-Nov-1981
> 19:18
> Ludhiana, India
> Date of first marriage - 22 Oct 2011
> Date of Seperation - 10th April 2012
> Reason for separation - Adjustment related issues and lack of love
> Last 8 months have been very bad for me.. Huge financial losses in terms of
> alimony and also lots of stress and unhappiness during last 8 months.. When
> will my good time start ?


7th sub lord is Mars. Mars is in constellation of Venus who is lord of 1st and 6th house and is stationed in 7th house. Hence Mars is significator of 1,6,7 house.  Mars himself is positioned in 4th house and owner of 7th and 12th house. Therefore sub lord of 7th house Mars has  signification of 6,7,12 house. 6th house indicate separation, litigation and  12 house ( which is 6th from 7th house ) shows disputes related to Marriage. 

On 10th April 2012 , native was having the following dasa


Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is in constellation of Mars. Hence Jupiter will signify 6,7,12 at Steller level houses. Jupiter was in sub of Venus which is lord of 6th house. Hence sub lord is confirming the end of marriage.

Saturn , the Bhukti lord is also in constellation of Mars . Hence Saturn is also signifying 6,7,12 houses at steller level. Saturn is in sub of Ketu who is a signification of 4,6,8 house . Here again the sub lord Ketu is confirming the event due to signification of 6th house.

Mercury , the Antardasa lord is in constellation of Rahu and sub of Saturn.

Venus, the sooksham antardasa lord .  is in own constellation and in sub of Venus. Hence here again signification of 6th house played the role. 

Promise of Second Marriage


As per KP, any planet in 7th house in constellation of Mercury gives second marriage. This means that second marriage is promised in your chart as Mercury is  constellation lord  of 7th house . 

When will second Marriage happen

The second marriage is seen from 9th house. Your 9th house sub lord is Venus who is again signification of 6th and 7th house .  Saturn is also significator of 9th house. 

Mars , Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are all Signifying 7th house. Except Mars and Venus, none of the other planets as discussed are signifying your 6th house along with 7th house. I mean Jupiter and Saturn can be taken as positive for second marriage without 6th house negative effect.

It is the sub lord of the 9th house which has to say yes to second marriage. In this case Venus is the sub lord of 9th house. 

Therefore the second Marriage may happen in combined period of Jupiter - Venus. 

Higher Education prospects abroad

Respected sir,

I was wondering if you could analyze my birth chart and tell whether i should go abroad for higher education. I am currently pursuing chemical engineering(Final year) and will be giving my GRE exam for studying abroad in january 2013......

In spite of trying very hard...i have been unsuccessful in getting a job during the campus recruitment at my i wanted to know when will i get a job and is higher education abroad indicated in my birth chart....


D O B: 5 NOVEMBER 1991
T O B: 14:52

Comments on Higher Education abroad

The higher education is seen from the Sublord of the 9th house . If the higher education is abroad  then the 12th house should also be signified. Lets see how the planets are based in the chart of the native.

Current Mahadasa of native is Jupiter - Saturn which will run till 28/11/2014

The Mahadasa - antardasa - Sooskhamantardasa  periods are as follows

Jupiter / Saturn / Mercury  -  This will run upto 19/2/2013

Jupiter / Saturn / Ketu       - This will run upto 12/04/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Venus     - This period will end on 14/09/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Sun        -  This will run upto 30/10/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Moon      - This will end on 16/01/2014

The sub lord of 9th cusp / House is Mercury who is in constellation of Saturn. Hence Mercury will give effects of Saturn . Planet Saturn is owner of  1st house and 12 th house.Further planet Saturn is in 11th house which represents fulfillment of desires. Hence Mercury will signify 1,11,12 houses. There is no planet in constellation of Mercury. Hence Mercury will very strongly signify 5th and 9th house. 

The native is currently under period of Jupiter Mahadasa and Saturn Bhukti and Mercury Antra and the same will end on 19/2/2013.

Mahadasa lord Jupiter is in constellation of Venus. The planet Venus is owner of 3rd, 4th cusp , 8th cusp and stationed in 7th house. 3rd house represents end of basic education (being 12th from 4th) and also change of residence The 4th house represents school and college level education and 8th house represents breaks, sudden changes, obstacles.  Hence Venus signification will result in 4,7,8 house getting impacted.

There is no planet in Jupiter Star. Hence Jupiter will signify 6th house and 11th house very strongly.

For Higher education abroad siginification of 3, 4,9,11,12 is must.

Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is signifying 4th house ,11th house.

Saturn, the Bhukti lord is signifying 11, 12 house
Mercury is signifying 9th house.

Hence conditions are perfectly favorable for higher education abroad  but with some sudden change of events due to Jupiters signification of 8th house due to Venus. The native will leave the country latest by 19/2/2013

Getting a job offer


For getting job, the Mahadasa -Bhukti - antardasa lords must signify 6th and 10, 11th  house through their  effects. 

The sub-lord of 6th house is Saturn. He is in 11th house (fulfillment of desire, gains ) and owner of 12th house (end , dissolution ) and 1st house. 

Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is also significating 6th house very strongly and also 11th house being owner of 11th house.

However we have seen above that Mercury is strongly signifying 5th and 9th house which are not good for Job prospects because 5th  house is 12th from 6th and 9th house is 12th from 10th house of profession. The Mercury antardasa will end on 19/2/2013 post which Ketu antardasa is starting . ketu is signifying 4th house and 10th house (profession). Hence the native may get a job  offer during this period post 19/2/2013.

The only good period of getting a Job offer is between  30/10/2013 to 16/01/2014 which is a antardasa of Moon period.

One thing is clear that almost all the planets are signifying the 8th house . Hence native will face obstacles in every activity of his life and there sudden turn of events for the native as far as every situation is concerned. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life Analysis using KP

 This is a Horoscope of a colleague who was divorced and is interested in knowing what else is in her life.

Date of Birth 26/5/1978
time of birth : 1.18 am
place of birth : kota rajasthan

1.. Date landed in UK - 17 July 2003
2. Date when my daughter was born - 18 June 2004
3. Date bought my house - 15 June 2012

1. How comfortable is my life in regards to financial?
2. Will I Move abroad or settle in UK?
3. My Daughter's life and education?
4. Life with my parents?
5. My Health?

Lagna analysis ( time zone or muhurta in which you were born)
You were born when lagna was in star of rahu, sub of venus and sub sub of ketu.
Rahu  is in sign of Mercury and star of sun.

Effects due to rahu in mercury sign
Mercury owns 5th and 8th house of your chart . This means that you will get effects of these 2 houses.
5th house is associated with child birth, ability to think and high power of intelligence. Mercury being himself a karaka of intelligence will signify this matter. Fifth house also denotes love affairs,  gambling and speculation. If this house gets connected with 7th house in chart the person will do love marriage. 7th house also represents business. Hence connection of 5th and 7th shows business of speculation. May be a stock broker.... This is how you read the chart.

8th house is associated with sudden changes, death and rebirth,  transformation,  obstacles,  strife. Hence these effects will also be felt in your life as Mercury owns this house.

Effects of Rahu in star / constellation  of sun
This will give effects of house number 3 and 7 because sun owns these houses and is positioned there.
House number 3 represents courage , younger brother and sister,  change in residence , change of job, communications,  information technology,  media,  journalism , short travels , cure of diesease etc...
Hence these aspects or matters will be part of your life during various stages.
Now whether these matters will take place or not is confirmed by sub sub lord.

Effects of sub sub lord ketu
Ketu is significating 1, 6 and 12 house.
The sixth house represents disputes,  competition,  diesease,  service,  servents , marital seperation , end of any kind of partnership or alliances , litigation etc...

The 12th house represents end or dissolution , disputes with husband,  foreign connection,  secret enemies , losses, increased expenses etc.....

Why 6th house is considered as end of marriage because if 7 house indicates marital partnership then sixth house is 12th from 7th.

Now lets connect star lord effects with sub sub lord effects. We have just read above that star lord will signify matters of house 3 and 7. You can now clearly see that when i connect house 7 with house 6 it triggers marital separation.

Connect house 3 with house 12. House 3 is change of residence and 12th is foreign land so when we connect 3 7 says change in residence to foreign due to marriage. Connect house 6 7 12 it says divorce in foreign.

Your date of divorce is 29th dec 2010. On this day the vimshottri dasa as per your chart was

Rahu - mercury - Mars - ketu

Now you can clearly make out Rahu and ketu connection has resulted in divorce. In your chart Mars is in 6th house .

Financial Status (2nd cusp for wealth and 11th house for gains)

The wealth will be seen from 2nd Cusp and its relative linkages. The sub sub lord of 2nd Cusp is Venus who is signficating 4, 7 and 9 houses. Let us see what linkages the Sub lord of Sub sub lord of 2 nd cusp establishes. The Sub lord of sub sub lord of 2nd cusp is Saturn who is significating 1 6 and 12 houses. 

Linkages with 4th cusp

linkages of 4th house with 2nd cusp with  commitment to 1st house shows that you will accumulate wealth in the form of land property vehicles  but with self efforts.

linkages of 4th house with 2nd cusp with  commitment to 6th house shows that you will acquire wealth in the form of land property through service.

linkages of 4th house with 2nd cusp with  commitment to 12 house shows that you will acquire wealth by investing  in the form of land and property in foreign land because 12th house represents foreign land and also purchase of investments

Linkages with 7th cusp

Linkages of 7th house with 2nd cusp indicates wealth acquisition through Business, husband, partner.

Linkages of 7th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 1st house shows wealth from business through self efforts.

Linkages of 7th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 6th house shows wealth from business through purchase from others.

Linkages of 7th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 12th house shows wealth from business in foreign land.

Linkages with 9th cusp

This is a un favourable linkage because 9th house is 8th from 2nd.

Linkages of 9th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 1st house shows depletion of wealth due to long journeys , depletion of wealth due to higher education.

Linkages of 9th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 6th house shows depletion of wealth due to spending on profession of father .

Linkages of 9th house with 2nd cusp with commitment to 12th house shows depletion of wealth due to land and property purchase by father because 12 th house is 4th from 9th. 

Analysis of 11th cusp for Income or gains

In this chart, 11th cusp sub sub lord is Rahu who is signifying house 3 and 7 through its star lord. The sub sub lord of Rahu is saturn who is a significator of 1 6 12 houses. lets see what effects will be felt.

Linkages with 3rd cusp

The 3rd cusp indicates short journeys , communication , Information Technology. Hence the linkages of 3rd cusp with house 1 6 12 is as follows

Linkages of 3rd cusp with house 1 shows that income generation will be through self efforts in information technology / Journalism, communication / media and self courage.

Linkages of 3rd cusp with house  6 shows that income generation will be through service.

Linkages of 3rd cusp with house 12 shows that income generation will be in foreign land.

Linkages with 7th Cusp (7th cusp represents trade, business , social relation ships, husband /marital partner , any kind of alliances)

The 7th cusp indicates Income from partnership, Husband , Business. It may also indicate regular alimony received from husband post divorce. Hence the linkages of 7th cusp with house 1 6 12 is as follows

Linkages of 7th cusp with house 1 shows that income generation from business will be through self efforts

Linkages of 7th cusp with house  6 shows that income generation from business will be consumed on disputes / litigation

Linkages of 7th cusp with house 12 shows that Business income / Partner income generation will be in foreign land.

Health issues

The sub sub lord of Ascendent is Mars and is significating houses 2,3,5,6,8,10. Mars is sitting in 6th house. This clearly shows that you will have health issues. Mars is in star of Mercury and in sub sub of Saturn. Saturn has  signification of 6 and 12 cusps.  This confirms that you will have health issues during the Dasa and antardasa of Mars and Saturn as both of them are significating 6thhouse. However Mars is also signification 5th house which is 12th from 6th which means end of disease.

If I look at your Vimshottri Dasa period then you have already passed Mars Mahadasa which started in august 1995 and ended in august 2001. When dasa of Mars and Saturn or vice versa will be there, you will be generally confined to bed.  The period of Saturn Mahadasa will start from august 2035 and will end in aug 2054.

please let me know whether you faced health issues between 1995 to 2001 when you were running Mars Mahadasa. In fact period between 10th Jan 1997 to 19th feb 1998 was period of Mars Mahadasa and Saturn antardasa and must have resulted in sever bad health. Check if you re collect your memories or ask parents.

The period of one year from  11/12/2018 to 10th feb 2019 will be challenging in terms of health hence please take precautions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Timing Marriage & Child Birth -Basis Krishnamurti padhati

Date of Birth :23/10/1969
Time of Birth 5.35 AM
Place of Birth Delhi
Married on 3rd Dec 1997
First child born on 13th oct 1998

let us see the timing of Marriage as per Krishnamurti paddhati

Cuspal Positions
Cusp Degree RAS NAK SUB SS
1 173-51-28 MER MAR MAR KET
2 202-26-14 VEN JUP SAT KET
3 232-59-09 MAR MER MON MER
4 264-43-03 JUP VEN MER SUN
5 296-36-04 SAT MAR JUP SAT
6 326-51-10 SAT JUP VEN VEN
7 353-51-28 JUP MER MAR KET
8 022-26-14 MAR VEN SAT MER
9 052-59-09 VEN MON SUN SAT
10 084-43-03 MER JUP MER MON
11 116-36-04 MON MER JUP SAT
12 146-51-10 SUN SUN SUN RAH

Planetary Positions
Planets Degree RAS NAK SUB SS
SU 186-04-27 VEN MAR MON SAT
MO 336-32-06 JUP SAT MER RAH
MA 267-37-51 JUP SUN MON RAH
ME 170-49-08 MER MON VEN SUN
JU 175-55-33 MER MAR RAH MON
VE 163-21-57 MER MON RAH VEN
SA [R] 012-37-31 MAR KET MER RAH
RA [R] 325-38-38 SAT JUP MER SAT
KE [R] 145-38-38 SUN VEN MER SAT
UR 162-35-10 MER MON RAH SAT
NE 214-02-14 MAR SAT SAT KET
PL 152-49-26 MER SUN JUP RAH

Significators of Houses
House Planets

Planet Signification
Planets Houses
SU 1 3 4 8 12
MO 5 6 7 11
MA 1 3 4 8 12
ME 1 6 10 11 12
JU 1 3 4 7 8
VE 2 6 9 11 12
SA 5 6 7 11
RA 1 4 5 7
KE 2 9 11 12

Vimshottri Dasa period 

MER -- JUP From 2/ 6/96 To 8/ 9/98

JUP 21/ 9/96
SAT 30/ 1/97
MER 26/ 5/97
KET 13/ 7/97
VEN 29/11/97
SUN 10/ 1/98
MON 18/ 3/98
MAR 6/ 5/98
RAH 8/ 9/98

As per the above Tables Moon (7), Mercury (11), Jupiter (7), Venus (11), Saturn (7,11),Rahu (7), Ketu (2,11) are the main planets signifying the marriage related houses 2,7,11.

Hence the marriage should happen in the Dasa of these planets.  The dasa operating at the date of Marriage (3rd Dec 1997) was Mercury (11) -Jupiter (7) -Sun (1).

Ruling planet on day of Marriage were

Day lord (wednesday) -Mercury
Moon sign (Sagitarius) - Jupiter
Moon Star Lord - Sun
Lagna Sign -Sun (at 11 pm in night)
Lagna Star lord - Ketu

Hence Time of marriage is perfectly working out correct as per KP.

The Child Birth is seen from signification of 2,5,11 Houses .

MER -- SAT From 8/ 9/98 To 17/ 5/01
SAT 11/ 2/99
MER 29/ 6/99
KET 25/ 8/99
VEN 7/ 2/00
SUN 25/ 3/00
MON 16/ 6/00
MAR 12/ 8/00
RAH 8/ 1/01
JUP 17/ 5/01

Dasa lord Mercury is a significator of 11th House and as Antara and Bhukti lord is a significator of 5th & 11 house. During the first Child Birth, the Mahadasa antardasa and Bhukti was Mercury-Saturn-Saturn.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Childs Speech Problem

Following details of my son 

> His details are:
> Name: XXXX
> DOB: 05 Dec. 2005
> TOB : 09:10 AM ( morning)
> POB: Gandhinagar, Gujarat 

> He is brave & strong and too much naughty due to Strong Mars but 

> He has LITTLE BIT OF Stammering or stuttering problem. You can say speech disorder in which he repeats first words of the sentence .Generally, We ignore stammering so he is not feel guilty and not feel hesitation to talk to us.  As per Medical suggestion, Doctor said there is not major problem because some time it happen when child feel hesitation or fear etc... so just take is lightly to him and not demotivate child. I NOTICE THAT THERE IS NO ANY IMPROVEMENT ON REDUCING MATTER /stammering SO I NEED TO KNOW DOES ANY ASTROLOGY SYMPTOM IN HIS BIRTH CHART ?? PLS ADVICE.

> I await & appreciate your valuable guidance.

I saw the Chart of your son. The speech is connected with 2nd house in a Horoscope and the Karaka for speech is Mercury. Both the 2nd house and Mercury should be strong for speech . In the case of your son, the 2nd lord is Saturn. The planet saturn is responsible for stoppage of any kind. Further if the second lord is in 6th , 8th or 12th house, the person may face speech problems.

In case of your son, his second house has good planets Venus and Moon but the 2nd lord is Saturn. Further the second lord is in 8th house which is an evil house. Saturn is also in enemy sign of Moon and hence there could be problem to mother also as the sign Cancer and moon are the Karaka for mother.

If I analyse the planets, Mercury has the shadbala planetary strength of 6 and is placed in 12th house which is again a evil house. Hence Mercury is weak. Mercury is also with sun and hence combusted and therefore it shall not be able to give its full power.

The 2nd house has a Shadbala rank of 7 out of 12 which is  not strong.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Career Trouble & Marital discord

Query by a Blog Visitor is as follows:

I have been in a big mental tension for the last 7 years and it is going on. There is no peace at all. Some astrologers said it will be okay from Nov 2012. I like to go for Administrative jobs than the present Research Job [Scientific officer/Industrial Scientist]. I am trying to get a position in any ministry of central government.  How will be my career? At job site, my immediate boss is very bad with me. Other higher officials are very nice to me. I have more reputation than my boss. When will i come out of this boss/he would turn friendly towards me

Mental Tension

You are currently having Ketu Mahadsa and Moon antardasa. Ketu is sitting in your lagna (House of self) and Moon is sitting in your 6th house. (6th house is mental tension, obstacles, service, competition etc.). When chandra is in natural house of Budha, there are several experiences which one faces. Moon is not the enemy of Mercury (Budha) but Budha is the enemy of Chandra. Further Moon is conjoined with shani in 6th house who is the lord of 11 (House of Gains, freinds) and 12 th house (12 th house is also evil house, house of losses, dissolution, hospitalisation, secret enemies)  in your horoscope. Hence periods of april 2010 to Nov 2011 was most stressful and bad for you when you were running Moon mahadasa and saturn antardasa.

You have strong desire to serve in Ministries of service.

In Navamsa chart also, Moon is badly placed in dusthana 8th house.(Evil house)

Moon is representative of mind and hence this process of mental tension have started in 2005 which is exactly last 7 years from 2012. Though the effects will start reducing a bit from Nov 2012 but the full effect of mental peace will come only after end of Mahadasa of Moon which s ending in Jan 2015.

MON Mahadasa -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To  13/ 1/15

Antardasa Period

MON 13/11/05

MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

Career / Profession

The Karma or the activities of a person can be seen from various angles.

1. Janam Nakshtra
2. 10 house lord
3. Placement of 10th lord
4. 10th from Moon
5. 10th from Saturn
6. Analysis of Dasamsa chart.

The combination of all these will throw light on what will be the native profession. Lets see each them.

Janam Nakshtra is Magha 4 whose lord is Ketu. Therefore we will list professions of Magha nakshtra born natives are Administrators, Managers, those in contact  with Royalty, and those who bestow (or receive) honors, those are super achievers. High positions in Government, People at the top of their chosen profession; entrepreneurs, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen (those in a position of authority) . 

10th house lord is Jupiter and is placed in 4th house indicating profession in motherland. Jupiter is the Karaka of knowledge and hence all knowledge related professions , judges, educational institutions heads, Head of Religious institutions etc. Jupiter is placed in 4th house of education hence denoting research based 

There is no planet in 10th from Moon and Saturn hence condition number 4 or 5 may not give any accurate results.

It is clearly evident that you are more suitable for professions which has connections with Royalty / Govt. You may attain high positions in Government.

Analysis of Bhava bala table indicate that 10th house has number 1 Rank and hence you need not worry about your professional rise. 

Marriage and relationships 
7th house is house of partnerships, alliances , spouse. Your 7th house has Rahu. The presence of Rahu in 7th house indicates unusual expectations and desires of spouse affecting marital discord. Rahu is best for breaking social order or dont follow orderly way wherever it resides. e.g Inter caste marriage is the result og Rahu in 7th. Another trait of Rahu is sudden ups and downs. Hence your relationship with your wife will see many ups and downs. Further 6th house is 12th to 7th house. Placement of malefics in 6th indicates dissolution of marriage. 

Rahu in sign of Mercury indicates more than one marriage as Mercury sign indicates multiplicity. 

Further analysis of Navamsa chart , 7th house has Saturn, Rahu and Mercury with aspect of Mars from Navamsa lagna which is really a troublesome married life. All malefic planets (Mars, Rahu, Saturn , Sun) are affecting your 7th house (House of Partner, alliances)  in Navamsa chart. 

Periods of Rahu , Mercury and Saturn Antardasa will cause major trouble for you on marital front.(See chart below). Have just drawn the table up to 2022 year.

MON -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To    13/ 1/15
MON 13/11/05
MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

MAR -7 Years From  13/ 1/15 To    13/ 1/22

MAR 10/ 6/15
RAH 28/ 6/16
JUP  4/ 6/17
SAT 13/ 7/18
MER 10/ 7/19
KET  7/12/19
VEN  7/ 2/21
SUN 13/ 6/21
MON 13/ 1/22

12th house of your horoscope is 6th house of your wife (Count number of houses from 7th house to 12th house) which represents Maternal uncle. This 12th house house has sign of Saturn (Acquarius). Saturn  has gone and sat in your 6th house of litigation. Saturn is in enemy sign and conjoined with his enemy moon. Hence  it will be her Maternal uncle who will be bring troubles for you.

The analysis of Shadbala (Strength of planets)  indicates that the most powerful planet in your horoscope is Saturn and least powerful is Venus (Signification of wife) . Hence you marital indicators are severally affected.