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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Raj Thackery Birth Chart analysis (Founder of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena)

Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackery, 14th June 1968, 17:44 Mumbai

The 3rd house is aspected by venus by rashi drishti. and it has moon which confirms his creative side to draw cartoons as 3rd bhav shows hands. moon is 9th lord and raj completed his higher studies in fine arts. (shukra aspecting the 9th bhav by rashi drishti). Chandra also aspecting the 9th bhav by graha drishti. His association with music and arts is well known due to aspect of moon and venus on the lagna.

His aggression is due to the aspect of mangal on the Chandra (mind).

Jupiter is 5th lord and karaka of the 5th house showing power and authority. Jupiter is occupying leo sign in 10th bhav confirming his status as Powerful leader as leo is natural sign of regality. Jupiter is also lording 2nd Bhav of wealth and since it is a karaka for wealth, Raj has amassed huge wealth and has several properties in Mumbai. Sree lagna is in 10th Bhav with guru confirms his wealth generation through his powerful position (indrasthana).

11th lord budha aspecting 11th bhav of income indicating  hidden sources of income. ketu in 11th shows income from property.

Shani is the atma karaka and is also placed in 5th house conjoining rahu. When 3rd lord (parakram bhav) is associated with 5th (power) , it creates a rajyoga . shani is 3rd lord and sitting in 5th house. The 5th house is also called chitta and presence of 2 malefics shows the restlessness and huge desire (rahu) for power (5th bhav with atma karaka) within him to rule his  birth state. (shani is also 4th lord)

11th bhav shows social groups a person associates with and here we find ketu (military). he has been creating some size army style groups within state called Vidyarthi sena , autorickshaw sena etc etc.

Mercury is retrograde in his own sign gemini which shows languages. This retrogression is happening in 8th Bhav and raj thackery keep enforcing Marathi language in the state . When the Graha is retrograde , there is a huge chesta bala (enforce ) done by the graha. Since this is happening in 8th Bhav , his agenda is always controversial.

Case of mental illness

“Jataka Tattva”   possible combinations for mental illness:

  1. Jupiter in the ascendant and Mars in the seventh house or vice versa.
  2. Saturn in the lagna and Mars in the 5th, 7th or 9th house.
  3.  Saturn in the 12th house associated with a waning Moon.
  4. Saturn in the lagna, Sun in the 12th house and Mars or the Moon in a trine.
  5. Association of Saturn and the lord of the second house with the Sun or Mars.
  6. Birth in the hora of Saturn or Mars, a Sun-Moon conjunction in the lagna, the 5th or the 9th, and Jupiter in a quadrant.
  7. Mandi (the malefic sub-planet that has no physical existence but has a Saturn-like quality) in the 7th, afflicted by a malefic. The same result may apply if Mandi is in the 5th house.
  8. Rahu and the Moon in the Lagna, and malefics in the trines. (i.e., “Pishacha Grasta” Yoga, a combination for being overtaken by the “spirits”, indicative of phobias.)

other indicators such as:

  1. Afflictions to the Moon (mind), Mercury (nervous system) and Jupiter (maturity / wisdom). Particularly, when all three of these planets are afflicted, conditions leading to mental illness are highly possible.
  2. An afflicted fifth lord. The fifth house can correspond to thinking, logic and wisdom.
  3.  The lagna and or Aries, both which indicates the head, if afflicted.
  4. Kemadruma Yoga – This is a condition occurs when the moon has no planets in either of the signs surrounding it. When there is no planet in the 2nd or the 12th from the moon, the soundness of the mind may become an issue. Again, the entire chart needs to be viewed.

Always look for confluence in the chart, before making such a serious decision. If there is a likelihood of mental illness, these indicators will often show up not only in the rasi chart, but also the Navamsha and possibly other divisional (harmonic) charts.
Date of birth 24th Jan 2003, TIME :18:34 : MUMBAI

guru or brihaspati graha shows intelligence, mercury or Budh shows nervous system and lagna (shows  intelligence). Further 5th bhav in birth chart shows our power of intelligence. Any association of malefics (shani, rahu, mangal, ketu) on guru , budh , lagna or 5th bhav or 5th lord will create a situation of mental illness. Damage to the moon will further accentuate this.
In the chart of ronit , Lagna (intelligence)  has guru (Jupiter) (graha which promotes intelligence) sitting  is 6th lord and retrograde (vakri which means instead of graha moving forward , it is moving backward). Lagna lord moon is in dusthana in navamsa conjoining shani.
Shani (8th lord of illness) and rahu (8th lord of illness) has rashi drishti on guru (Jupiter) in lagna.
Mangal (aggression) and ketu ( loss of memory)  have rasi drishti on lagna (first bhav). He is reacting violently.
The 5th house is the house of Chitta (inner self as in Sat-"Chit"-Ananda) and this shows how much harmony do we have within our self. If this is afflicted then the person can become insane. In this Birth chart , 5th Bhav has 2 malefics mangal and ketu both in very close conjunction in degrees Showing pishacha badha.
Badhaka graha is very important for the matters of health and such things. Badhaka represent unknown evil forces, such as black magic or similar things. If Badhaka is placed in the 5th house, there is high likelihood that the person can go insane. Similarly the lords of the houses suffer because of the mentioned things, if they are placed in the badhaka sthana. In this chart, we find that badhaka lord venus is in 5th and 2 malefic grah mangal & ketu (pisaca badha ) are present in badhak sthana. Since these are rahu and ketu, its sarpa badha.
Moon has no planets in 2 and 12 in rashi chart which is resulting in kemdruma yoga.
Therefore the lagna is complete damaged and all astrological combinations of mental illness are present in the chart.
In navamsa , mangal and ketu are sitting in lagna and rahu is in 7th. Chandra (moon) is in 12th and associated with shani. Venus , 8th lord is in 5th (badhkesa in intelligence).