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Monday, March 21, 2016

Rahu - Confusions of the mind

Case 1

There is a colleague of mine who is a doctorate from IIM. he is a qualified engineer and post graduation done from IIM . He is strong in mathematics especially on numbers modelling. I met him and got introduced in one of the consulting assignments arranged by our Company. Over a period of time , I found that though he is qualified but delivers a zero output. He is very much influenced by foreign thinking. I find him confused and he is unable to structure his thoughts and convey his point of view to outsiders. He has not been able to make any big mark in life . However he has been able to land up in good reputed companies and recently bagged a foreign assignment. He is now a professor in one of the leading Business schools of India and a research associate. lets study his chart .

Dhanu lagna is rising with Rahu in it indicating his interest in research related matters. Presence of malefic Rahu in the lagna clearly shows the confusions of the mind. At several occasions I have found him that he is unable to decide which way he should go. Mars in 5th clearly indicates his sharp intelligence. mars is aspecting 9th lord surya . He qualified as engineer. Surya is neecha but there is nechbhanga because its dispositor Venus is in Kendra. He is very egoistic about his higher educational qualification (surya effect). mercury is conjoining surya and is completely burnt or astangata. (surya is 26 degree libra and mercury is 22 degree libra).  His arudha of 5th house A5 is in 2nd house with debilitated Jupiter in it ( Jupiter also has its neechabhanga as its dispositor Saturn in in Kendra). Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd and 5th house and hence he has been able to use his intelligence to qualify as doctorate from IIM. Dispositor of A5 lord Jupiter is shani who is conjoining ketu (mathematics). This is his core area.

10th lord mercury is in 11th house of Income. His income levels are quite good. He is now working in a government job. surya (govt) is the 9th lord and is conjoining budh , 10th lord in 11th resulting in budh Aditya yoga. However it will not fructify because Mercury is combusted 

He has been staying in large houses and has a comfortable living  (Jupiter is lording 4th house).

In Navamsa , 9th house has mercury , mars and Jupiter strongly supporting the higher learning. ketu in 5th shows his high level of intelligence in mathematics. he is a mathematical modelling professor and works on data analytics . Again watch that Rahu is associating with Chandra afflicting the mind.

Case 2

This is another case where he native is qualified from IIT engineer and later went abroad in Ivy league Business college to finish his education.  He is very intelligent but not able to make use of it in a great manner to have significant impact in his life. We have seen a behaviour where his mind wanders from one topic to another and he is not able to focus on a particular profession. Till this age of 44, he has not settled down completely.

Kumbh lagna is rising with rahu in it. Mercury is the 5th lord of intelligence conjoining 9th lord Venus in 11th house . both these planets are aspecting the 5th house of intelligence. Mars (engineering)  aspecting the 5th house and is digbali in 10th .

Rahu in lagna confirms his association with foreigners or foreign land. He is seen as very intelligent by outside world. (arudha lagna in 5th ). He was extremely good in writing the software codes during his colleage days (mercury is ruling 5th Bhav and aspecting its own Bhav). He is very business oriented person and  applies his intelligence in evaluating businesses (mercury).

2nd lord Jupiter is in 10th Bhav. He worked in Morgan Stanley Investment Bank for a large period of time. His association with Bankers is still continuing.

Rahu is very strong in his lagna. This is making him unable to decide on a particular profession to choose and settle down in life. He has recently started exports business (ketu in 7th bhav) in partnership with an Israel based native after leaving his investment banking business. Dispositor of ketu is surya which is in marana karaka sthana in 12th bhav. Though this is good from exports perspective but not good for business as the dispositor has lost its power.