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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Childs Speech Problem

Following details of my son 

> His details are:
> Name: XXXX
> DOB: 05 Dec. 2005
> TOB : 09:10 AM ( morning)
> POB: Gandhinagar, Gujarat 

> He is brave & strong and too much naughty due to Strong Mars but 

> He has LITTLE BIT OF Stammering or stuttering problem. You can say speech disorder in which he repeats first words of the sentence .Generally, We ignore stammering so he is not feel guilty and not feel hesitation to talk to us.  As per Medical suggestion, Doctor said there is not major problem because some time it happen when child feel hesitation or fear etc... so just take is lightly to him and not demotivate child. I NOTICE THAT THERE IS NO ANY IMPROVEMENT ON REDUCING MATTER /stammering SO I NEED TO KNOW DOES ANY ASTROLOGY SYMPTOM IN HIS BIRTH CHART ?? PLS ADVICE.

> I await & appreciate your valuable guidance.

I saw the Chart of your son. The speech is connected with 2nd house in a Horoscope and the Karaka for speech is Mercury. Both the 2nd house and Mercury should be strong for speech . In the case of your son, the 2nd lord is Saturn. The planet saturn is responsible for stoppage of any kind. Further if the second lord is in 6th , 8th or 12th house, the person may face speech problems.

In case of your son, his second house has good planets Venus and Moon but the 2nd lord is Saturn. Further the second lord is in 8th house which is an evil house. Saturn is also in enemy sign of Moon and hence there could be problem to mother also as the sign Cancer and moon are the Karaka for mother.

If I analyse the planets, Mercury has the shadbala planetary strength of 6 and is placed in 12th house which is again a evil house. Hence Mercury is weak. Mercury is also with sun and hence combusted and therefore it shall not be able to give its full power.

The 2nd house has a Shadbala rank of 7 out of 12 which is  not strong.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Career Trouble & Marital discord

Query by a Blog Visitor is as follows:

I have been in a big mental tension for the last 7 years and it is going on. There is no peace at all. Some astrologers said it will be okay from Nov 2012. I like to go for Administrative jobs than the present Research Job [Scientific officer/Industrial Scientist]. I am trying to get a position in any ministry of central government.  How will be my career? At job site, my immediate boss is very bad with me. Other higher officials are very nice to me. I have more reputation than my boss. When will i come out of this boss/he would turn friendly towards me

Mental Tension

You are currently having Ketu Mahadsa and Moon antardasa. Ketu is sitting in your lagna (House of self) and Moon is sitting in your 6th house. (6th house is mental tension, obstacles, service, competition etc.). When chandra is in natural house of Budha, there are several experiences which one faces. Moon is not the enemy of Mercury (Budha) but Budha is the enemy of Chandra. Further Moon is conjoined with shani in 6th house who is the lord of 11 (House of Gains, freinds) and 12 th house (12 th house is also evil house, house of losses, dissolution, hospitalisation, secret enemies)  in your horoscope. Hence periods of april 2010 to Nov 2011 was most stressful and bad for you when you were running Moon mahadasa and saturn antardasa.

You have strong desire to serve in Ministries of service.

In Navamsa chart also, Moon is badly placed in dusthana 8th house.(Evil house)

Moon is representative of mind and hence this process of mental tension have started in 2005 which is exactly last 7 years from 2012. Though the effects will start reducing a bit from Nov 2012 but the full effect of mental peace will come only after end of Mahadasa of Moon which s ending in Jan 2015.

MON Mahadasa -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To  13/ 1/15

Antardasa Period

MON 13/11/05

MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

Career / Profession

The Karma or the activities of a person can be seen from various angles.

1. Janam Nakshtra
2. 10 house lord
3. Placement of 10th lord
4. 10th from Moon
5. 10th from Saturn
6. Analysis of Dasamsa chart.

The combination of all these will throw light on what will be the native profession. Lets see each them.

Janam Nakshtra is Magha 4 whose lord is Ketu. Therefore we will list professions of Magha nakshtra born natives are Administrators, Managers, those in contact  with Royalty, and those who bestow (or receive) honors, those are super achievers. High positions in Government, People at the top of their chosen profession; entrepreneurs, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen (those in a position of authority) . 

10th house lord is Jupiter and is placed in 4th house indicating profession in motherland. Jupiter is the Karaka of knowledge and hence all knowledge related professions , judges, educational institutions heads, Head of Religious institutions etc. Jupiter is placed in 4th house of education hence denoting research based 

There is no planet in 10th from Moon and Saturn hence condition number 4 or 5 may not give any accurate results.

It is clearly evident that you are more suitable for professions which has connections with Royalty / Govt. You may attain high positions in Government.

Analysis of Bhava bala table indicate that 10th house has number 1 Rank and hence you need not worry about your professional rise. 

Marriage and relationships 
7th house is house of partnerships, alliances , spouse. Your 7th house has Rahu. The presence of Rahu in 7th house indicates unusual expectations and desires of spouse affecting marital discord. Rahu is best for breaking social order or dont follow orderly way wherever it resides. e.g Inter caste marriage is the result og Rahu in 7th. Another trait of Rahu is sudden ups and downs. Hence your relationship with your wife will see many ups and downs. Further 6th house is 12th to 7th house. Placement of malefics in 6th indicates dissolution of marriage. 

Rahu in sign of Mercury indicates more than one marriage as Mercury sign indicates multiplicity. 

Further analysis of Navamsa chart , 7th house has Saturn, Rahu and Mercury with aspect of Mars from Navamsa lagna which is really a troublesome married life. All malefic planets (Mars, Rahu, Saturn , Sun) are affecting your 7th house (House of Partner, alliances)  in Navamsa chart. 

Periods of Rahu , Mercury and Saturn Antardasa will cause major trouble for you on marital front.(See chart below). Have just drawn the table up to 2022 year.

MON -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To    13/ 1/15
MON 13/11/05
MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

MAR -7 Years From  13/ 1/15 To    13/ 1/22

MAR 10/ 6/15
RAH 28/ 6/16
JUP  4/ 6/17
SAT 13/ 7/18
MER 10/ 7/19
KET  7/12/19
VEN  7/ 2/21
SUN 13/ 6/21
MON 13/ 1/22

12th house of your horoscope is 6th house of your wife (Count number of houses from 7th house to 12th house) which represents Maternal uncle. This 12th house house has sign of Saturn (Acquarius). Saturn  has gone and sat in your 6th house of litigation. Saturn is in enemy sign and conjoined with his enemy moon. Hence  it will be her Maternal uncle who will be bring troubles for you.

The analysis of Shadbala (Strength of planets)  indicates that the most powerful planet in your horoscope is Saturn and least powerful is Venus (Signification of wife) . Hence you marital indicators are severally affected.

Career & Job Change

I am XXXXXX working in Bangalore. I have joined your mentioned career astro site -
I have been working for over 11 years and have not grown much professionally. I have changed 3 jobs so far. Below are my details.

Sex : MALE
Birth Date & Time : Wed, 09 April 1975 17:20:00
Country : India
Latitude : 9 46 N Longitude : 76 24 E
Janma Nakshatra & #Pad : Poorva Bhadra #4

Is 10th Saturn causing the slow progress in Career?

I am wearing Emerald and moonstone which seem beneficial to me. I have the below queries about my career.  I am running dasa of Saturn under Mercury MD till 14-Jan-2014. How will be my coming Ketu and Venus MDs? Could you please help me out?

1. Will I get any chance to work abroad in near future?

2. Is there any job change indicated in near future? If so, when is the good
time for new job and how the new job will be with respect to work culture,
nature of job, compensation and promotion?

3. If there any obstacles, what are the remedies for overcoming the obstacles?

Waiting for your valuable suggestions and advices. I am attaching my chart and Navamsa in South Indian format herewith. Please help me out.
May God bless you and your beloved ones.

Thanks and regards,

Reply  to Querist

Is 10th Saturn causing the slow progress in Career?

Shani as a natural Karaka is stoppage or resistance or delay but not denial . The 10th house is Karmasthana and in his own house but in neutral sign. The 10th lord and ascendant lord are same (Mercury). Mercury in Pisces is debilitated or weak in 7th house. Hence you will have to put significant hard work in your career  to succeed. 

Characteristic behaviors of Shani is slow, careful fearful, conventional. You will reflect this attitude in your professional duties. Shani in 10th will always keep you busy due to workload. You will have large work load of responsibilities to execute. 

Career in Bureaucracy or Judiciary is suitable for such kind of people. However since Mercury is lord of 10th  and Mercury being signification of Information, IT field is also matching for you. 

You are judgmental and have punitive attitude in profession. You are morally a good person and do social good but may not be liked by people around you. You give benefits to people who are under privileged. You try to establish social order in your professional life .

Shani 3rd aspect to 12 house will impact sojourn to foreign land, increase losses (Shani is Karaka for losses). Shani 7th aspect to 4th house will result in away from home due to workload. The 10th aspect of shani to 7th house will impact relationships with wife, masses, partners.

Shani is lord of 5th and 6th house in your natal chart but placed in 10th. 

Being its Mooltrikona sign in 6th, you will be in service only but will face obstacles as 6th is also house of obstacles and mental tension. These obstacles will be faced in home (7th aspect to 4h house),12th house (3rd aspect) foreign land, 7th house matters of wife and Partners  (10th aspect). 

Any projects which you will execute will take long time to close.

Chances of working abroad

The involvement of  lagna/ lord  and 10th house / lord with 12th house /lord will give this answer. You lagna lord and 10th house lord is Mercury and the same is conjoined with 12 house lord sun in 7th house.  This will give you Foreign Travel on account of professional duties. 

MER -17 Years 
From  14/ 1/97 
To    14/ 1/14

MER 11/ 6/99
KET  8/ 6/00
VEN  8/ 4/03
SUN 14/ 2/04
MON 14/ 7/05
MAR 11/ 7/06
RAH 29/ 1/09
JUP  5/ 5/11
SAT 14/ 1/14

You are currently running Mercury Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. Though the Mahadasha lord is support your foreign trip but antardasha lord saturn is causing delay as it has drishti to 12th and 7th house in your natal chart.

KET -7 Years 
From  14/ 1/14 

To    14/ 1/21

KET 11/ 6/14
VEN 11/ 8/15
SUN 17/12/15
MON 17/ 7/16
MAR 14/12/16
RAH  2/ 1/18
JUP  8/12/18
SAT 17/ 1/20
MER 14/ 1/21

Your next Mahadasha is of Ketu which is situated in your 9th house . The 9th house is 12th from 10th house. 9th House also denotes long Journeys. Hence possibly in Ketu Mahadasha and Sun antardasha periods will result into long foreign trips.

Similary Ketu - Mercury period (18/1/2020 to 14/1/21) will result in foreign trips due to professional duties.

Job change

The job change involves 10th house , 5th House and 9th house or its lord connected with each other.

10th lord is Mercury
5th Lord is Saturn
9th lord is Venus

So in Mahadasha and Antardasha of these periods , you will see job changes. Further periods when these lords conjoin will also trigger Job changes. Shani which is a natural Karaka for resistent to change will not bring in Job change. 

Your current period is Mercury -Saturn till Sept 2014. Hence there are bleak chances of Job change. Further the Dasamsa chart (D-10) shows Moon as your lagna lord which represents movement and a watery sign. Your 10th house also has movable sign aries which means that you will not stay in one company for too long except in periods of Mahadasa and antardasa of Shani which will try to restrict movement. Hence Chances of Job change are more in period of mercury or moon or Mars .

Somewhere Mid 2016 year is very strong indicator of Job change year.


Periods of shani (antardasa) will bring obstacles and hence Shani propitation and Pooja of Lord Ganesa (Budha) will be auspicious for you. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Career in IT or IAS Job

Received the following email from a querist.

Dear Sir,

             I am XXXXX residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I would like to know my complete astro details mainly focusing on my career. kindly help me with the same. Most importantly i want to know my accurate passion since i am very much confused in my career, and also i would love to pursue my passion as my career. Below are my details,

DOB : 25/06/1987
Place of Birth : Bangalore
Time : 12.17pm (Afternoon)

 I will tell you my relevant working  area but providing so, will it not be easy for you to map. Please dont misunderstand me because i had some previous experiences in which people used to ask my current working area and suggest me fields which are close to it or possibilities. But i seriously am requesting you and trusting you for accurate predictions since i always feel some what unsatisfied. I really really want to know my passion sir. People say in astrology even diseases can be predicted accurately with time, positionand nature. When things like these can be found out, why not passion sir?? I always think hard about what i like but i am not able to find. Please help me out sir. Sir with all these being said i am giving out my working area. I have done BE in Computer Science and Engg. and MS in Computer Science and Networking. I had a gap of one year between 2009-10 where i was less seriously preparing for IAS. I didnt take IAS that seriously. Sir having said all these i am relying on your inputs badly.

Your 10th lord has Gemini sign. It has 3 planets in 10th house. Mercury, Sun and Mars. Mercury being lord of ascendant / lagna and 10th house is in own sign which is very good indication. Mars being lord of 8th house and 3rd house is also conjoined in with Mercury in 10th house. This indicates strong career possibilities either in Insurance sector or in communications or Publication sector. The 8th house represents things relating to History, dead people, sudden transformation  where as the 3rd house represents Courage, communications, publishing, information technology.  Mercury is the significator of communication, Intelligence, Buddhi. Mars is significator of courage, authority , engineering, logic based professions such as mathematicians. Therefore from this analysis perspective job in IT sector or IT department in a Telecom company also suits you well. You will get positions of authority in your job.
The 12th house lord sun (12th house is house of losses, expenses, secret enemies, foreign land) has also conjoined with Mercury and Mars in 10th house. SUN and Mars get directional strength in 10th house hence possibility of you getting a foreign job is there during the Mahadasha and antardasa of Mercury, Mars and sun.
The 3rd house , which is 6th from10th house has Saturn placement which will result obstacles in your career . You will face disappointment and hindrances in career when Saturn Mahadasha or antardasha comes or during the transits of Mercury, Mars and Sun , they get associated with Saturn.
Jupiter , owner of 4th house (7th from 10th house ) and 7th (10th from 10th house) house is placed in 8th house (11th from 10th house). Presence of Jupiter in 8th will increase the gains from profession.  It will also promote the ethical income as Jupiter is representative of Dharma. Hence you don’t indulge in unethical practices and in case you do, Jupiter will establish your professional Dharma.
Since you are a Computers science professional, you are very right in this field as far as your current planetary positions in your horoscope is concerned. Why you are planning to do IAS is because SUN in 10th house is a strong significator of job with the king (which in this case is Government of India)  and with position of authority and Power and name in society.
Your 10th house of profession is very strong with presence of Sun, Mars and Mercury. Hence you may choose to be in Computer science field or opt for IAS. However , being a professional myself, I will strongly advise you to stay in Information Technology field and get some international experience as IT has a bright future.

Looking at the Shadbala Chart, 10th Bhava is number 2 Rank out of 12th Bhava which concretes my observation.
Looking at the planetary strength SUN is Ranked as number one where as Mercury and Mars have 3rd and 4th Rank in the Graha Bala table. This shows that IAS job can be good for you in case you are interested in Govt job and wish to enjoy power.
The Navamsa chart also shows SUN in your 10th house and Mars having 7th aspect to 10th house showing authority in profession. This once again confirms the strong possibility of Govt job with power.
Moon is the representation of mind and is placed in 9th house with Venus. Saturn is aspecting Moon and Venus. Saturn is enemy of Moon but friend of Venus hence your mind will be under constant stress due to such aspect of Saturn which brings mental worries as its natural trait.
Dasamsa Chart Analysis

Your Dasamsa lagna lord is moon and the same is well placed in 4th house and aspecting the 10th house. This indicates movement in profession but within motherland only.
Jupiter is placed in 10th house in dasamsa which is promising significant growth in profession. The lord of 10th house is Mars and the same is placed in 9th house of fortune which indicates that you will be very fortunate in your profession. The 9th house is 12th from 10th house , it shows that fortune showers will come with connection with foreign land.
Mercury being the lord of 12th house which represents foreign land, is in 7th house (which is 10th from 10th house). Hence this is also a indicator of foreign land and aspecting lagna of D-10 chart.

Overall the probability of you landing in foreign job is higher than working in home land or Birth land.
Saturn is placed in 8th house and is aspecting 10th house which indicates sudden transformations and breaks in career. However it will promote the long duration in profession or in other words longevity of profession. You may change jobs but you may stay in same profession. That’s what we mean here.

lagna lord of dasamsa is in anant dasamsa in house 4 indicating endless fame in own country.
10th lord and 5th lord of dasamsa is in indra dasamsa in 9th house  which means service with king and enjoyment of power. This is a major Rajayoga giving huge fortune. Frequent long travelling and change of job will be there.

9th house lord of dasamsa is in ishan dasamsa in 10th house  indicating rightful and dharmic conduct in profession and thus creating a rajayoga.

House of gains 11th lord venus  is in ishaan dasamsa in second house of dasamsa chart indicating peaceful way of earning income with blessings of god and will accumulate wealth.

7th house lord of partners and associates of dasamsa chart is in ishaan dasamsa indicating good associates in profession but in 8th house of dasamsa chart. However the 12th lord is in seventh house indicating secret activities by associates to help the native in enforcement of rules because 12th lord is in yama dasamsa and lord yama is a justice giver.

3rd house lord mercury of dasamsa chart is in yama dasamsa in 7th house indicating lawful dealings with associates.

12th house lord mercury is in yama dasamsa in 7th house indicating losses from associates and partners in profession due to enforcement of rules.

Your Mahadasha and Antardasha periods
JUP Mahadasha -16 Years From 2/ 7/09 To 2/ 7/25

Antardasha of
JUP 20/ 8/11
SAT 2/ 3/14 (Your current antardasha)
MER 8/ 6/16
KET 14/ 5/17
VEN 14/ 1/20
SUN 2/11/20
MON 2/ 3/22
MAR 8/ 2/23
RAH 2/ 7/25
Saturn is placed in 6th house from 10th house in your chart. Hence this period of Saturn will be filled with mental worries and obstacles as far as service is concerned. The Antardasha lord is placed 8th from the Mahadasha lord which is very inauspicious.
Therefore you will face lot of issues on domestic front because Jupiter is your 4th and 7th house lord but sitting in 8th house of evil. 

Problems in Career

The querist approached me through the following email.

Hi Rajesh,

My name is XXXXX  and my DOB is 23rd mar 1973 time 9:30 AM birth place is Bellary Karnataka, since 2006 I am facing lot of disturbance in Finance and Career related matter. Can you kindly suggest any astrological remedy to subsidise the ill effects if any.

Your Career related house is House number 10 (10th house is house of Karma, social fame, rank in society). This has a Aquarius sign. This sign is owned by Saturn. The planet Saturn in a natural giver of , extreme hard work delays, obstacles, disappointments.
 In your Horoscope Saturn is also the owner of 9th house of fortune. Hence in your chart, Saturn owns a Kendra and Kona place and is sitting in your lagna / Ascendent. This is a positive news because Kendra is Vishnu and Kona is laxmi. If a planet becomes lord of Kendra and Kona then it becomes a Yogakaraka.
Saturn is aspecting its own 10th house from lagna which means that growth in profession will be slow.
Saturn is a planet of Justice and if it is owning 10th house of profession, career related to law is advised though Saturn also represents many other professions. Your 10th house has Mercury. Planet Mercury is owner of house number 2 (House of speech , stored wealth, stocks, Banks, Treasury etc) and house number 5. (House of Fame, creative intelligence , power). Mercury is a significator of speech and also represents buddhi (intelligence) and when it is sitting in 10th house of your professions in acquarius sign, you can be a good arguing lawyer . 
Mercury is aspecting the 4th house of education and hence career in Teaching can also be taken because that requires speech as medium of action. Those professions which will involve good communication skills / speech will suit you.
Jupiter is sitting in your 9th house of fortune which is its own house and aspecting your 10th lord Saturn in lagna / ascendant. Therefore you will be fortunate in your profession but in later part of life. (Saturn delays everything).
You had informed me that you are working in IT department.  Mercury also signifies information / publishing but I don’t see any connection of 3rd house with Mercury though your 10th lord Saturn is aspecting 3rd house (3rd house represents Information Technology, publishing, logistics, movement) in your chart. I mean 10th Lord is establishing connection with 3rd house.
The 8th house of your horoscope has Rahu. It is a planet of sudden changes and desires and sitting in house of sudden changes which means sudden changes will get compounded in your career because 8th house is 11th house from 10th house and 11th house from any house is fruits of that house which is being analyse. 11th house from any house means end of the activity of that particular house. Therefore your may face job end / career breaks whenever the Mahadasha or antardasha of Jupiter or Rahu will come in your life time.
Position of your 10th Lord in Navamsa Chart
 Your 10th lord Saturn is in Navamsa of Moon and Moon is placed in 6th house of your Navamsa Chart which shows obstacles, mental worries in your career. 6th house represents  service and moon being a fastest planet will represent change of service. Moon is also representative of  Mind and if Mind is in house of mental tension (6th house), your  will  be under mental worries relating to your service.
In your Navamsa chart, the 10th lord is Venus and it is also sitting in 8th house which is a dusthana. Hence you will face repeated breaks in your career.
Analysis of Dasamsa Chart D-10

The Dasamsa chart is a minutest analysis of 10th house . The lagna lord of Dasamsa chart is again Saturn and placed in dusthana / evil house number 8. The planet Saturn is aspecting 10th house of preofession in Dasamsa chart from 8th house which is a bad aspect. This shows problems related to your career/ profession.
Note :(6, 8, 12 are evil houses and create problems in those aspects with whom they are associated. E.g if there is a involvement of 6,,8,12 house with house of marriage then chances of marital discord , break in marriage or long delay in marriage is expected).
The 5th and 10th lord of Dasamsa chart is venus and  is sitting in 12th house which is again a evil house. However there is a chance of foreign job during the antardasha and Mahadasha of venus or Jupiter cannot be ruled out.
Rahu is sitting in 6th house of service and aspecting the 12th house where lords of 10th house and 12th house are sitting. Since Rahu also shows foreign connections, there is a strong possibility of your foreign related profession.
Your Current Vimshottri Dasha period
Since you had told me that since 2006 you are facing issues, lets see your Dasha periods.
If you look at table below, your Moon antardasha operated from 22/7/2006 to 22/12/2007. Moon was in 6th house (evil house) of obstacles in your chart and is aspecting 12th house of losses and expenditure. Moon also owns 3rd house of your horoscope which is 6th (evil house) from 10th house. This indicates mental worries and changes  relating to service.
Your Mars antardasha operated from 22/12/2007 to 19/12/2008. Mars is exhalted in your chart and placed with Jupiter in 9th house. Though it is good for other aspects of your horoscope, lets see the professional aspect relating to 10th house.
 Mars is the  the owner of 12th house (House of losses, expenditure / evil house/ Dusthana) and 7th house (partnerships, alliances, Marriage). From the house of profession angle, It is placed 12th from 10th house and  Mahadasha lord Mercury  which is  a problem.  
Rahu antardasa operated from 19/12/2008 to 7/7/2011. Again Rahu is placed in 8th house which is a house of death & rebirth, sudden transformations. 8th house is 11th from 10th house of profession and represents end of career/ retirement and also gains from profession. Hence you must have experienced sudden transformations relating to your professional gains / career during this period.
Mahadasha of MER -17 Years From 22/ 6/99 To 22/ 6/16

Antardasha of Planets is as follows

MER 19/11/01
KET 16/11/02
VEN 16/ 9/05
SUN 22/ 7/06
MON 22/12/07
MAR 19/12/08
RAH 7/ 7/11
JUP 13/10/13
SAT 22/ 6/16
In the above data , you are currently running Mercury Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha. Mercury is lord of 2nd House (house of stored wealth , speech etc) and 5th house in your chart and sitting in 10th  house of profession in your horoscope so this will bring positive results to you.
Jupiter, being antardasha lord and simultaneously lord of 8th house of evil (its Mooltrikona sign) and 11th house of Income. Jupiter , as antardasha lord is 12th from the Mahadasha lord . Hence period of Jupiter will bring long  Travels due to its presence in 9th house, losses in profession / sudden ups and downs in Income. You will also become spiritual during this period and will perform religious acitivities/ deeds and Travel to pilgrimage cannot be ruled out as Jupiter is sitting in 9th house of your natal chart.
In the current transit chart of 2nd Sept 2012, Jupiter is placed in lagna of your chart. Therefore there are high chances of profession break / end  because 8th house whose lord is Jupiter is 11th from 10th house and as I explained , 11th house is the end of activity and ultimate fruits of the karma of that house.
This will continue till 13/10/2013 after which Saturn Antardasha will start for a period of almost 3 years.
The antardasha lord Saturn is placed in 4th from Mahadasha lord which is positive point.Saturn being  owner of 9th and 10th house in your chart will give positive results but you are advised to  extremely work hard during this period and should not get disappointed.

Shadbala chart
Shadbala is a method in Vedic astrology that gives quick insight in the strength of planets and the houses. Sanskrit means 'Six' and hence Shadbala consists of 6 different sources of strength.  Shadbala method gives a value to each planet and each house. The more points a planet and a house gets in Shadbala the stronger it is.

In your Bhavabala Table , 10th house has a rank of 11 out of 12 Bhava's hence House of profession is not at all strong.

Similarly it has been said above that Jupiter is sitting in house of Fortune in 9th house in your natal chart and aspecting 10th lord Saturn but it has lost its effect because the strength of Jupiter is weak due to its 7th Rank out of 7 planets in Shadbala Table.