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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Childs Speech Problem

Following details of my son 

> His details are:
> Name: XXXX
> DOB: 05 Dec. 2005
> TOB : 09:10 AM ( morning)
> POB: Gandhinagar, Gujarat 

> He is brave & strong and too much naughty due to Strong Mars but 

> He has LITTLE BIT OF Stammering or stuttering problem. You can say speech disorder in which he repeats first words of the sentence .Generally, We ignore stammering so he is not feel guilty and not feel hesitation to talk to us.  As per Medical suggestion, Doctor said there is not major problem because some time it happen when child feel hesitation or fear etc... so just take is lightly to him and not demotivate child. I NOTICE THAT THERE IS NO ANY IMPROVEMENT ON REDUCING MATTER /stammering SO I NEED TO KNOW DOES ANY ASTROLOGY SYMPTOM IN HIS BIRTH CHART ?? PLS ADVICE.

> I await & appreciate your valuable guidance.

I saw the Chart of your son. The speech is connected with 2nd house in a Horoscope and the Karaka for speech is Mercury. Both the 2nd house and Mercury should be strong for speech . In the case of your son, the 2nd lord is Saturn. The planet saturn is responsible for stoppage of any kind. Further if the second lord is in 6th , 8th or 12th house, the person may face speech problems.

In case of your son, his second house has good planets Venus and Moon but the 2nd lord is Saturn. Further the second lord is in 8th house which is an evil house. Saturn is also in enemy sign of Moon and hence there could be problem to mother also as the sign Cancer and moon are the Karaka for mother.

If I analyse the planets, Mercury has the shadbala planetary strength of 6 and is placed in 12th house which is again a evil house. Hence Mercury is weak. Mercury is also with sun and hence combusted and therefore it shall not be able to give its full power.

The 2nd house has a Shadbala rank of 7 out of 12 which is  not strong.