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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shahrukh Khan - Magic of Rahu and Mangal Grah

Born on November 2, 1965 at New Delhi. The planetary position were as follows on 2/11/65. we shall follow Moon sign for our reading as we have no confirmation on accuracy of his Time of Birth as the same is not available in Public domain.

Born in dhanistha nakshatra of Mars in Makar rasi. It is so amazing that both Salman and shahrukh are born in Dhanistha Nakshatra. The martian energy to keep moving or always moving ahead in life is propelling both of them to keep moving forward. Both of them wish to be the leader of Bollywood.  we all Know that if Salman has physical Body energy then Shahrukh has non stopping working energy of Mars. He is the most busiest actor and his energy levels are well known to everyone. Saturn , the ruler of this rasi makes him extremely Hard working person despite his fame.

 As we all know that Mangal represents Police , army and professions related to warrior class. Therefore the warrior energy will prevail.

Nakshatra lord Mangal is in own scorpio rasi. This is a rasi of life transformation and re birth, cuts and wounds, surgeries .He has undergone 11 surgeries in his life which confirms the effect of nakshatrapati mangal residing in Scorpio rasi.His transformation happened when he acted in Fauji serial as Commando (Note effects of Mangal here).

Mars is aspecting Acquarius (which is 2nd from Moon representing wealth ) rasi , Vrishabha or Taurus (7th aspect) rasi which is trine to Moon rasi makar.

Scorpio rasi is 11th rashi from makar rasi (where his moon is placed). Therefore scorpio rashi is  rasi of gains for Shahrukh.

Now look carefully here. This scorpio or vrishchik rasi represents hidden , psychic, mystical , cuts and wounds , invasion , death and rebirth , sudden invasion , emergency etc. Shahrukh khan movies where he played role of hidden Psychic lover (Movie...Darr) and where his role would constitute  blood or cuts or wounded body or things related to scorpio / vrishchik rasi will bring significant gains to him. In Fauji serial, he acted as Commando (sudden invasion) and shot to fame.

Birth nakshatrapati mangal is lording 4th and 11th house from moon sign and occupying 11th house of gains/ Income. Rasi owner Shani is owning 2nd house . Therefore Rahu , Shani and Mangal will give him tremendous wealth as they are lords of 2 and 11. Look at the planets. Sun and Jupiter are also in nakshatra of Rahu. Rahu himself is in trines to Moon sign representing sudden fame and huge desire for fame and bright lights. This has truly manifested in his Birth chart.

Rahu and Mangal are aspecting each other resulting in phenominal gains.

Moon is 7th lord from chandra lagna and  aspecting the chandra lagna resulting in great emotional bonding with wife. 7th house has cancer sign which represents childhood, school, mother land, domestic happiness. Shahrukh's wife Gauri was his childhood friend when they were in school. Rahu , occupying 5th house of love, is in moon Nakshatra of Rohini and Moon is lording 7th house from chandra lagna. Rahu creates great infatuation and desire where it sits. He was madly in love with Gauri Khan .

Barbara Pijan , great western astrologer ,says ...................................................

when Rahu is in Putra Bhava (5th house), there is Urgent ambition to create drama
passion for politics, celebrity, literary genius, games,urgently ambitious charisma, disguised as royalty, prestige sought via center-stage roles through children, creativity, literature, intelligence fashion, politics, royalty, celebrity,desire to be recognized as a radiant light,fascinating heart, spine Elevation through Celebration

His association with IPL confirms his deep hunger or urgent desire to get elevation  and acquire center stage role. His Team Kolkatta Knight Riders is number one IPL team. Its all due to effects of Rahu in 5th from Moon.

His Birth chart revolves around ......

Dhanishtha nakshatra (dancing and moving ahead) ...Dil to Pagal Hai..Dance extravagenza

Mars or mangal (Cuts and wounds, blood , army, psychic lover, ).....Darr Movie

Rahu (Greed, lust, sudden elevation, speculation)  Darr movie, IPL matches..

Rahu in Rohini nakshtra of Moon (emotions) in 5th house of love...his emotional love stories are Big hit in entertainment..Dilwale dulhaniya le jayage... Effect of Rahu in Moon nakshtra in 5th house setting connections with 7th house of marriage.

Mangal is lording 4th and 8th house showing death house of mother. Its himself sitting in 8th house and aspecting 5th house (beinng 2nd house as maraka house for mother).

Surprisingly again the lord of 8th house for father house (9th house rashi Virgo) is Mangal. Lagna lord Mercury for father and Mangal are sitting in 3rd house of father conjoining Ketu who is co lord of  scorpio. Hence Mangal is very malefic for both is parents and he lost both of them at very young age.