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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Muhurata as a Tool to find about Company prospects

There are hundreds of companies which are successful or failed to take off. There are companies like Apple who have shattered all records and have been a GOD of private sector. There are Companies who have never died and weathered so many Business cycles and there are companies who have a long History but they vanished Just in time. The  astrology and the Birth chart of the Company reveals this very clearly. The Birth chart is made by taking Date of Incorporation , place of incorporation . The Time of incorporation is not Known and hence one has to fix the lagna. However planetary position on that day can reveal lot of information.

Here is one Company which we have taken up as an example to research this area whether. This is a Company in Telecom Sector and belong to a very large Group who are into many businesses and have been successfully running them. However this Telecom arm of the Company has not been making profits and subject to losses year on year. 

History of Company 

Company got incorporated on March 13, 1995 as XXXX XXX under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. We changed our name from XXXX Limited to XXXX Telecom (India) Limited on April 26, 2000, and subsequently, to XXXXX Limited on February 13, 2003.  

Below is the Lagna Table for March 13, 1995 (Date of Incorporation of Company)

Tithi : EKADASI till 9.47 AM on 13/3/1995

LagnaLagna BeginsLagna EndsPushkara Navamsa at


PlanetDegreesNakshatraPadamNakshatra LordFull Degrees
Ascendant (As)
44' 17.07"
Sun (Su)
22' 36.17"
Purva Bhadrapada3Jupiter328.38
Moon (Mo)
57' 51.35"
Mars (Ma)
12' 05.99"
Mercury (Me)
51' 32.83"
Jupiter (Ju)
00' 37.52"
Venus (Ve)
21' 17.78"
Saturn (Sa)
05' 36.90"
Purva Bhadrapada1Jupiter322.09
Rahu (Ra)
11' 56.76"
Ketu (Ke)
11' 56.76"
Uranus (Ur)
32' 13.37"
Uttara Ashadha3Sun275.54
Neptune (Ne)
11' 25.01"
Uttara Ashadha2Sun271.19
Let us analyse the Tithi and other Panchang details. The Ekadasi Tithi Just ended at 9.47 on that day. This is very inauspicious tithi which got expired at 9.47 AM on 13/3/1995. Therefore Dwadashi Tithi Started after 9.47 AM.
We can assume that No Government office starts working before 10 AM. There is no aupicious muhurata after 10.00 AM 13/03/1995.
You can see below that after 11:19, the Time is not auspicious at all till 
Dur Muhurtam:
13:12 - 13:59
15:34 - 16:21
Rahu Kalam:
08:21 - 09:50
Gulikai Kalam:
14:17 - 15:46
11:19 - 12:48
09:47 - 10:15 Good Muhurta
10:15 - 12:14 Chora Panchaka
12:14 - 14:27 Good Muhurta
14:27 - 16:40 Roga Panchaka
16:40 - 18:48 Good Muhurta
18:48 - 20:55 Mrityu Panchaka
Except between 12.14 to 14.27 and from 16.40 to 18.48 , the Muhurata is bad. Moon is in Pushya nakshatra whose lord is Saturn and Deity is Jupiter. This is a very auspicious nakshatra. It is a fixed mobility nakshatra and hence there will be overall stability in the Company .
The Tattva Guna of Pushya nakshtra has  Tamas energy (Destroy , dissolution)  , caste is Kshatriya (Warrior) and Trimurti is Shiva. The mentality of this Nakshatra is Deva. Brihaspati being the deity of this nakshatra, the Company will always have Intelligent people in its rolls and will have a wisdom approach to its overall workings. The nakshatra owner is Saturn and hence General public is also the shareholder in the Company. (Saturn represents masses).
Some news about the Company
1. Net worth of the Company as on March 31, 2005 was Rs. (43.70) crores and as on September 30, 2005 was Rs. (286.42) crores.
 2. It is currently the leading private operator of wire-line services in these Circles
3.   Net Loss before tax 
              2005       2004      2003      2002     2001     
          (527.86) (269.68) (205.00) (148.49) (208.91)
Let us now analyse the impact of planets in sign and their angle to Moon and Mercury (Mercury is main planet for Telecommunications). We shall also see position of Mercury from its natural zodiac sign to derive results. The  fame is represented by Sun . Also the Government relations will be guided by position of Sun & Mercury and their angles between them.
Sun (Ravi /Aditya) ,  Mercury (Budha) , Saturn (shani)  are conjoined in Aquarius sign (Kumbha Rashi ) (sign lord is Saturn / Shani) and  aspect (Drishti)  5th sign leo (Sign Lord Sun or Ravi) . The sign Aquarius (Saturn is the Lord)  has 3  nakshatra  
1. Dhanistha (Its Nakshatra Lord Mars and its Mooltrikona sign Aries is in 3rd from Aquarius sign ) represents writings, meetings, conferences, promotional tours and business-related travels, commerce, planning, cohort and coterie, sales, marketing, advertising, shop-keeping, writingannouncements, reports, hand-craft, tools, technologies, media-message, radio-television-internet, scripts and sets, evangelism. Manages the Cohort.
2. Purvabhadrapada (Nakshatra lord Guru ) mulatrikona Dhanushya = 11th counted from Kumbha = economic participation, distribution networks, community linkage, populism, massive social-progressive movements, large-group behaviours, marketplace earnings, achievement awards, fan clubs.
3.  Shatavishaka  = Rahu's mulatrikona Kumbha = 1st-from counted from Kumbha lagna * iconic ambitious metonymic roles, spirit-network, personality uniqueness
Sun & Saturn are in Purvabhadra Nakshatra whose lord is Jupiter while Mercury is in Dhanishtha Nakshatra whose lord is Mars.
Rahu, is co-lord of Kumbha rashi.
Effects of Sun in Kumbha
Sun is Soul , DNA , bright light, center stage , up holder of dharma, Promoter of intelligence , ego centric planet for the Company. When it is placed in its opposite rashi of Kumbha , the bright light is faded. 
Kumbha is the sign of saturn. Sign of kumbha is made of 3 stars which have been explained above. Each of the stars (nakshatra) have their lords. Sun is in Purvabhadra nakshatra whose lord is Brihaspati, Deva guru. Therefore Sun is in rashi of Saturn but in star of Jupiter.
The company will have Brilliant people (Jupiter / Brihaspati) managing the Networked system (acquarius) , technically sound but focus will be lost in just managing the large network. Its networked system will serve common man especially lower society.
This  Company will never endorse the Industry point of view and will take ideal stands (Shani is Yama who balances Karma and rule based)  whenever any Group effort is required. It will resent the Group of individuals point of view.
Company will be friend of common man (Staff / Customers / vendors).
Saturn is the Lord of Pushya nakshatra  in which company was born which clearly establishes the fact that Company will be oppose Government . (Saturn is natural enemy of Sun). 
Budh Aditya Yoga in Aquarius will make company a very knowledgeable entity in networked systems.
Much time will be spent by Company to maintain its connected network and maintaining expectations of people (Staff, Vendors , Customers). Even after doing much good for society, Company will not get fame. 
One of the indications of Saturn effect is that Company has maximum of Low value strata customers.
This means that any predatory tendencies or monopolistic behaviours for self profit or fame  by the Company will be severally punished by common man.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio - Whats there for India

Saturn has just completed its full transit from Libra and entered into Scorpio on Nov 2, 2014. Let us see what will be the impact.

                                                            India Birth chart and Navamsa chart

Saturn, 10th lord (Government)  in Scorpio is transiting in 7th house in enemy sign and aspect exalted Mars in 9th house indicating there will be war due to religious issues with Border countries like Pakistan.

Mars, 7th lord  is in 9th house aspect 3rd house (neighbors) Indicating war . Sun , the 4th lord has also entered 7th house in Scorpio sign and is conjunct with enemy planet saturn. This also shows disturbance in Domestic peace due to religious issues (Saturn in 9th lord conjunct with 4th lord Sun , both are enemy to each other). Mars is also aspect 4th house.

The current antardasa period is of venus , 6th lord and lagna lord.  Therefore the period of 27/12/2014 to 31/12/2014 may invite rioting or internal disturbance as it is Sun-Venus-Mars-Saturn dasa period engineered by Pakistan.

India Tithi Pravesh chart

The new Tithi Pravesh chart of India for 2014  was made on 24 July 2014 23:54 time and has following planetary position

                                                         INDIA TITHI PRAVESH CHART

 Position of planets in India Birth Chart     
Sun - PK               
Moon - BK             
Mars - GK                
Mercury - AmK           
Jupiter - PiK           
Venus - MK             
Saturn - AK             
Rahu - DK               

Vimsottari Dasa as per Birth chart of India 15/8/1957 , Time 00:01

 Maha Dasas:

 Sat:  1946-09-02  -  1965-09-02
 Merc:  1965-09-02  -  1982-09-03
 Ket:  1982-09-03  -  1989-09-02
 Ven:  1989-09-02  -  2009-09-03
 Sun:  2009-09-03  -  2015-09-03 (Current mahadasa)
 Moon:  2015-09-03  -  2025-09-03
 Mars:  2025-09-03  -  2032-09-02
 Rah:  2032-09-02  -  2050-09-03
 Jup:  2050-09-03  -  2066-09-03

It is Aries lagna in Tithi Pravesh chart and lagna lord Mars has gone into 7th house (War) and is conjunct with Saturn. This clearly shows war  and we had big gunfire exchange with Pakistan this year post July 2014. Lot of villages near border were affected due to this. Mars is aspecting lagna and 10th house showing tough stand taken by BJP govt  and being aggressive in retaliation. 
As we write the article, 11 Army man died in attack in Uri sector by Terrorist  to disrupt the elections in J&K.

Jupiter and Sun are in fourth house aspecting the 10th which means religion and religious groups will influence government decision making. Both Sun and Jupiter are representative of Dharma and hence Govt will take steps to establish truth and faith in the homeland. There will be opposition from some right wing Hindu fundamentalist groups on working of govt.

Aspect of 9th lord Jupiter and 5th lord sun will result in  more higher learned and intelligent people ,religious people will be given chance in ruling government.

Presence of 9th lord Jupiter and 5th lord Sun  in 4th house will give thrust to education this year especially basic education at school level. There are talks to change the school curriculum.

Saturn is exalted and is 10th lord. Thus means govt will do everything for common man.

Saturn in libra represents justice for common man. Mars represents engineering especially steel industry. The mars and Saturn conjunction in libra in 7th house shows Supreme Court decision to take back coal blocks resulting in justice and protection of  national wealth. The steel industry has got a shock due to this.

The prime minister Modi is born in Scorpio lagna. The Scorpio sign is in 8th house of this year Tithi Pravesh chart of India. This means sudden changes will be introduced by him and the same will be aggressively pushed.  The 7th house is of alliances , relationships. Mars 8th lord is in 7th in Tithi Pravesh chart. There will be sudden change in the alliances or relationships with partner nations.

Jupiter is 12th lord and is also 9th lord. This shows foreign travel. Jupiter is aspecting 10th house and 12th house . PM Modi is constantly travelling abroad since last so many months due to his professional commitments.

Moon , Venus , mercury , 3 benefic planets are in 3rd house. The 3rd house represents neighbouring countries. indian prime minister Modi is trying to better relations with neighbouring countries by doing meetings , communication and also through alliances ( Venus 7th lord).

Railways is represented by 3rd house. Private sector is represented by Venus. Presence of  Venus in 3rd shows that privatisation and modernisation of railways will happen this year. Mercury is in own 3rd house and hence prospects of telecom will improve. There is strong thrust by PM on IT enabled services this year. However disputes in Telecom will continue as mercury is 6th lord in the Tithi Pravesh chart.