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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Career Turbulence of a HR Professional

Om Shri Ganeshaye Namah

Date: 29 : 3 : 1963
Day: Friday
Time: 5 : 20 : 0
Lagna: Aquarius
 Lagna Lord: Sat
Rashi: Taurus
Races Lord: Ven
Nakshatra: Krittika 3
Nakshatra Lord: Sun
Latitude: 21 : 0 : N
Longitude: 75: 43: E
Place: Nasirabad
Ayanamsa Type: Lahiri
Ayanamsa Val: 023-20-35
Bal. Dasa: SUN 2 Y 11 M 24 D

This native career has been very  turbulent  and as on day of writing this chart reading (17/11/2013) , he has lost his job. He is sitting idle at home and deciding his future. This has happened to him second time in the last 4 years. However he  has good income through property rentals. He has been working in IT , IT enabled and Telecom company in his past jobs.

Sign Longitude Nakshatra Pada Planets

Aquarius asc 022-11-40 Purvabhadra 1

Pisces Sun 014-14-45 Uttarabhadra 4 (AMATYAKARAKA)

Taurus Moon 003-22-30 Krittika 3 (JANATIKARAKA)

Mars   Cancer 012-52-00 Pashyami 3 (BHRATRAKARKA)

Pisces Merc 012-15-45 Uttarabhadra 3 (MATRAKARAKA)

Jupt Pisces 005-13-07 Uttarabhadra 1 (PUTRAKARAKA)

Venu Aries 005-25-32 Dhanishta 4 (PITRAKARAKA)

Satn Capricorn 026-25-00 Dhanishta 1 (ATMAKARAKA)

Rahu [R] Cancer 002-44-08 Punarvasu 4

Ketu [R] Capricorn 002-44-08 Uttarashadha 2

  1. Lagna lord & its position
 In natives chart , Lagna lord is Saturn (shani) who has gone to 12th house  and conjoining Ketu.  This means that native may settle in  Foreign land at some point in time during the  Saturn Mahadasa which commences in Year 2017 and will run upto  Year 2036.

Lagna lord is aspecting 2 and 6th house and also 9th house. This is a malefic aspect from 12th house and hence will result into loss of wealth  accumulation from service and also 9th house promotion will trigger Job changes as 9th house is 12th from 10th house of profession.

2. Position of 10th house and 10th Lord

The 10th house lord is Mars and it owns 3,10 house and debilitated in House 6 . This completes the relationship between 2,6,10 (Trikona houses for career) and establishes strong link with communication sector related job (3rd house).

It is aspecting the lagna lord Saturn who is in turn aspecting the 6th house where the 10th Lord is residing. Mars and Saturn are both enemies and hence this Yoga is very inauspicious from service perspective.

6th house has Rahu conjoining the Mars the 10th lord.

3. Placement of 10th Lord in the D-10 Chart

Mars, 3rd and 8th lord  is placed in 11th house and debliated and aspecting 2,5,6 house. Again sudden changes , turbulence (8th house) and working for Telecom (3) is shown here.

4. D-10 lagna and 10th house lord.

Mercury the D-10 and lagna lord of D-10 is deblitated in 7th house in D-10 chart and also in D-1 Chart.

   Therefore all the factors point towards a unstable career.

Reasons for good wealth accumulation and no problem in Domestic comforts is due to Jupiter placement in second house and its aspect to 6,8,10 houses. Native received sudden wealth when his earlier job was terminated as a severance package.

Exalted Moon in 4th house with benefic aspects to 10th house.

Om Tat Sat