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Monday, January 25, 2016

Arudha pada and Career

Below are the charts of a native who is a chartered accountant and worked with food / beverage industry , telecom and life insurance companies. he also worked with printing and photocopier industry. He picked up jyotish late in his career and now seriously learning  the subject. he is reading lot of shastra and turned spiritual later in life.he is 46 year old as on date.


The 10th lord of rashi chart is mercury clearly confirming his karma associated with mercurial activities of printing, telecom industries. he is a chartered accountant and activities relating to accounting comes under the domain of mercury or budh graha. mars is 8th lord and aspecting the 10th house with shani also aspecting the 10th bhav . This gave him 6 years of working career in Life insurance industry.

8th bhav is also associated with occult or hidden sciences and this confirms his interests in Jyotish. jupiter in lagna confirms his ability to pick up VEDIC  and religious literature for learning.

he writes jyotish blog. ketu is the lord of 3rd house which shows writing . 5th house also shows authoship and its lord is saturn. saturn is in 8th house and ketu is in 12th house . this confirms his writing related to jyotish vidya.

Jupiter is lagna lord and deblitated in 2nd house . Venus is also deblitated in 10th house. Therefore the person has not been able to achieve high position in his career (10th bhav is throne) . Mars is the lord of 5th house (power and authority) and placed in 10th house. During his tenure in insurance industry he enjoyed lot of power and authority. (mars is 8th lord in rashi chart)

Mercury is again 10th lord in dasamsa chart showing karmic actions related to mercurial activities. arudha pada of 7th house shows people whom you will meet in your career or karmic life or associate with . His arudha of 7th house of dasamsa chart is in 5th house with ketu. He met lot of astrologers recently. arudha of 7th house is conjoined arudha of 8th bhav (occult sciences).

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Higher education

The native is educated from IIT kharagpur and later did his post graduation from reputed foreign university. he worked with Tata steel and MNC banks. He worked and studied abroad. later he joined mutual fund and after that he quit the same to start his own export company in partnership with a foreigner.

Natal Chart

Date:          February 3, 1971
Time:          9:07:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"     Mumbai, India
Lunar Yr-Mo:   Sadharana - Magha
Tithi:         Sukla Navami (Su) (92.75% left)
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me)
Nakshatra:     Krittika (Su) (96.82% left)
Yoga:          Sukla (Mo) (20.17% left)
Karana:        Balava (Mo) (85.51% left)
Hora Lord:     Moon (5 min sign: Ge)
Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Cn)
Kaala Lord:    Venus (Mahakala: Venus)
Sunrise:       7:16:16
Sunset:        18:29:00
Janma Ghatis:  4.6142
Ayanamsa:      23-26-16.41
Sidereal Time: 17:19:00

Body                    Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna                   23 Aq 29' 15.63" PBha      2    Aq   Ta
Sun - PiK               20 Cp 13' 14.46" Srav      4    Cp   Cn
Moon - BK               27 Ar 05' 25.08" Krit      1    Ar   Sg
Mars - PK               13 Sc 31' 46.10" Anu       4    Sc   Sc
Mercury - AK            29 Sg 42' 09.43" USha      1    Sg   Sg
Jupiter - GK             9 Sc 35' 41.37" Anu       2    Sc   Vi
Venus - DK               3 Sg 52' 09.25" Mool      2    Sg   Ta
Saturn - MK             22 Ar 31' 07.00" Bhar      3    Ar   Li
Rahu - AmK               0 Aq 45' 50.86" Dhan      3    Aq   Li
Ketu                     0 Le 45' 50.86" Magh      1    Le   Ar
Maandi                  20 Ar 27' 19.25" Bhar      3    Ar   Li
Gulika                   8 Ar 09' 14.70" Aswi      3    Ar   Ge
Bhava Lagna             17 Aq 49' 40.14" Sata      4    Aq   Pi
Hora Lagna              15 Pi 30' 46.66" UBha      4    Pi   Sc
Ghati Lagna              8 Ge 34' 06.23" Ardr      1    Ge   Sg
Vighati Lagna            3 Le 50' 44.08" Magh      2    Le   Ta
Varnada Lagna           23 Cp 29' 15.63" Dhan      1    Cp   Sg
Sree Lagna               4 Pi 55' 32.81" UBha      1    Pi   Le
Pranapada Lagna          3 Le 55' 24.93" Magh      2    Le   Ta
Indu Lagna              27 Cp 05' 25.08" Dhan      2    Cp   Vi
Bhrigu Bindu            13 Pi 55' 37.97" UBha      4    Pi   Sc

lagna has rahu in his won sign kumbha . This confirms his association with foreign and foreigners. ketu is coo lord of 10th house and is in 7th bhav confirming exports related career.

his a9, a10 is in lagna which indicates self based career and its association with rahu indicates his bhagya pada and karma pada will be activated in foreign land or working with a foreigner. in 2014 he started a export company.  his partner in export business in india is a native of ISRAEL. he is doing well as of now.

mars in 10th confirms his job in steel industry. he is a engineer.

2nd lord jupiter , bhav lord of banks and financial institutions confirms his job in investment banking. related career activities.