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Monday, April 3, 2017

Dispositor of lagna lord

The placement of lord of the rashi where lagna lord is placed is very important. It defines the entire intellectual focus of the person.

Srila Prabhupad founder of Iskon

Dhanu lagna and lagna lord in simha, sign of Surya ( temples). Surya conjoining guru in 9th bhav of temples and spiritual guru. He is founder of 108 temples of Iskon.Simha is rashi of fame. He is famous in entire world.

Mahatama Gandhi

Tula lagna and lagna lord shukra is in lagna in his own sign and hence strong. Tula rashi is opposite rashi of Mesha., natural first rashi of kalapurusha.  Hence it is rashi of opposition of ascendent. He opposed British who were ruling India. He also started non cooperation movement (7th bhav is to oppose and 7th lord mars is conjoining Venus in lagna).
 Tula is a rashi where Surya ( king) feels neecha or Surya looses power. British were the king of india of those times and ultimately lost power.
 Its a rashi where Shani ( common man) feels uccha and powerful. His freedom movement spread like wild fire and each indian common man associated with it.

Ramkrishna paramhansa

Makar lagna with lagna lord Shani in kumbha rashi. Therefore dispositor of lagna lord is Shani himself and co lord of kumbha is rahu.
 Shani is placed in 2nd Bhav and rahu is placed in 12th bhav from lagna in dhanu. So we can see that both the lords of dispositor are influencing lagna from both sides.
 12th bhav is samadhi or leaving the world or meditation. Therefore most of the tim she was in meditation and connected to spiritual world.
Shani in 2nd bhav is a poor man yoga. He gave away all his possessions.

Sri Krishna

Born in Vrishbha lagna whose lord Venus is in 3rd Bhav in rashi of chandra. The dispositor lord chandra is in lagna and uccha or exalted. Since dispositor chandra is in vrishbha , food is key as prasad in all Krishna temples. Moon stands for milk and and he was a cowherd . Majority of Krishna temple prasad are milk based.
Lagna is the upholder of dharma and exchange of lagna lord with 3rd lord resulted in Sri Krishn communicating (3rd Bhav) the concept of  dharma (lagna)  to entire world.

Dr Kiran Bedi, Retired Police officer

Kanya lagna whose lord Mercury is in 9th Bhav of higher education , dharma (Duty). She is M.A and Ph.d  confirming her higher education. Dispositor of lagna lord is Venus who is in 10th Bhav in Gemini sign . 10th Bhav is position or rank in society.

She is one of the most admired and reputed Police officer. Since the dispositor Venus is in Gemini sign which is sign of writing, she authored several books.

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