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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio - Whats there for India

Saturn has just completed its full transit from Libra and entered into Scorpio on Nov 2, 2014. Let us see what will be the impact.

                                                            India Birth chart and Navamsa chart

Saturn, 10th lord (Government)  in Scorpio is transiting in 7th house in enemy sign and aspect exalted Mars in 9th house indicating there will be war due to religious issues with Border countries like Pakistan.

Mars, 7th lord  is in 9th house aspect 3rd house (neighbors) Indicating war . Sun , the 4th lord has also entered 7th house in Scorpio sign and is conjunct with enemy planet saturn. This also shows disturbance in Domestic peace due to religious issues (Saturn in 9th lord conjunct with 4th lord Sun , both are enemy to each other). Mars is also aspect 4th house.

The current antardasa period is of venus , 6th lord and lagna lord.  Therefore the period of 27/12/2014 to 31/12/2014 may invite rioting or internal disturbance as it is Sun-Venus-Mars-Saturn dasa period engineered by Pakistan.

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