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Saturday, December 6, 2014

India Tithi Pravesh chart

The new Tithi Pravesh chart of India for 2014  was made on 24 July 2014 23:54 time and has following planetary position

                                                         INDIA TITHI PRAVESH CHART

 Position of planets in India Birth Chart     
Sun - PK               
Moon - BK             
Mars - GK                
Mercury - AmK           
Jupiter - PiK           
Venus - MK             
Saturn - AK             
Rahu - DK               

Vimsottari Dasa as per Birth chart of India 15/8/1957 , Time 00:01

 Maha Dasas:

 Sat:  1946-09-02  -  1965-09-02
 Merc:  1965-09-02  -  1982-09-03
 Ket:  1982-09-03  -  1989-09-02
 Ven:  1989-09-02  -  2009-09-03
 Sun:  2009-09-03  -  2015-09-03 (Current mahadasa)
 Moon:  2015-09-03  -  2025-09-03
 Mars:  2025-09-03  -  2032-09-02
 Rah:  2032-09-02  -  2050-09-03
 Jup:  2050-09-03  -  2066-09-03

It is Aries lagna in Tithi Pravesh chart and lagna lord Mars has gone into 7th house (War) and is conjunct with Saturn. This clearly shows war  and we had big gunfire exchange with Pakistan this year post July 2014. Lot of villages near border were affected due to this. Mars is aspecting lagna and 10th house showing tough stand taken by BJP govt  and being aggressive in retaliation. 
As we write the article, 11 Army man died in attack in Uri sector by Terrorist  to disrupt the elections in J&K.

Jupiter and Sun are in fourth house aspecting the 10th which means religion and religious groups will influence government decision making. Both Sun and Jupiter are representative of Dharma and hence Govt will take steps to establish truth and faith in the homeland. There will be opposition from some right wing Hindu fundamentalist groups on working of govt.

Aspect of 9th lord Jupiter and 5th lord sun will result in  more higher learned and intelligent people ,religious people will be given chance in ruling government.

Presence of 9th lord Jupiter and 5th lord Sun  in 4th house will give thrust to education this year especially basic education at school level. There are talks to change the school curriculum.

Saturn is exalted and is 10th lord. Thus means govt will do everything for common man.

Saturn in libra represents justice for common man. Mars represents engineering especially steel industry. The mars and Saturn conjunction in libra in 7th house shows Supreme Court decision to take back coal blocks resulting in justice and protection of  national wealth. The steel industry has got a shock due to this.

The prime minister Modi is born in Scorpio lagna. The Scorpio sign is in 8th house of this year Tithi Pravesh chart of India. This means sudden changes will be introduced by him and the same will be aggressively pushed.  The 7th house is of alliances , relationships. Mars 8th lord is in 7th in Tithi Pravesh chart. There will be sudden change in the alliances or relationships with partner nations.

Jupiter is 12th lord and is also 9th lord. This shows foreign travel. Jupiter is aspecting 10th house and 12th house . PM Modi is constantly travelling abroad since last so many months due to his professional commitments.

Moon , Venus , mercury , 3 benefic planets are in 3rd house. The 3rd house represents neighbouring countries. indian prime minister Modi is trying to better relations with neighbouring countries by doing meetings , communication and also through alliances ( Venus 7th lord).

Railways is represented by 3rd house. Private sector is represented by Venus. Presence of  Venus in 3rd shows that privatisation and modernisation of railways will happen this year. Mercury is in own 3rd house and hence prospects of telecom will improve. There is strong thrust by PM on IT enabled services this year. However disputes in Telecom will continue as mercury is 6th lord in the Tithi Pravesh chart.

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