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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Career & Job Change

I am XXXXXX working in Bangalore. I have joined your mentioned career astro site -
I have been working for over 11 years and have not grown much professionally. I have changed 3 jobs so far. Below are my details.

Sex : MALE
Birth Date & Time : Wed, 09 April 1975 17:20:00
Country : India
Latitude : 9 46 N Longitude : 76 24 E
Janma Nakshatra & #Pad : Poorva Bhadra #4

Is 10th Saturn causing the slow progress in Career?

I am wearing Emerald and moonstone which seem beneficial to me. I have the below queries about my career.  I am running dasa of Saturn under Mercury MD till 14-Jan-2014. How will be my coming Ketu and Venus MDs? Could you please help me out?

1. Will I get any chance to work abroad in near future?

2. Is there any job change indicated in near future? If so, when is the good
time for new job and how the new job will be with respect to work culture,
nature of job, compensation and promotion?

3. If there any obstacles, what are the remedies for overcoming the obstacles?

Waiting for your valuable suggestions and advices. I am attaching my chart and Navamsa in South Indian format herewith. Please help me out.
May God bless you and your beloved ones.

Thanks and regards,

Reply  to Querist

Is 10th Saturn causing the slow progress in Career?

Shani as a natural Karaka is stoppage or resistance or delay but not denial . The 10th house is Karmasthana and in his own house but in neutral sign. The 10th lord and ascendant lord are same (Mercury). Mercury in Pisces is debilitated or weak in 7th house. Hence you will have to put significant hard work in your career  to succeed. 

Characteristic behaviors of Shani is slow, careful fearful, conventional. You will reflect this attitude in your professional duties. Shani in 10th will always keep you busy due to workload. You will have large work load of responsibilities to execute. 

Career in Bureaucracy or Judiciary is suitable for such kind of people. However since Mercury is lord of 10th  and Mercury being signification of Information, IT field is also matching for you. 

You are judgmental and have punitive attitude in profession. You are morally a good person and do social good but may not be liked by people around you. You give benefits to people who are under privileged. You try to establish social order in your professional life .

Shani 3rd aspect to 12 house will impact sojourn to foreign land, increase losses (Shani is Karaka for losses). Shani 7th aspect to 4th house will result in away from home due to workload. The 10th aspect of shani to 7th house will impact relationships with wife, masses, partners.

Shani is lord of 5th and 6th house in your natal chart but placed in 10th. 

Being its Mooltrikona sign in 6th, you will be in service only but will face obstacles as 6th is also house of obstacles and mental tension. These obstacles will be faced in home (7th aspect to 4h house),12th house (3rd aspect) foreign land, 7th house matters of wife and Partners  (10th aspect). 

Any projects which you will execute will take long time to close.

Chances of working abroad

The involvement of  lagna/ lord  and 10th house / lord with 12th house /lord will give this answer. You lagna lord and 10th house lord is Mercury and the same is conjoined with 12 house lord sun in 7th house.  This will give you Foreign Travel on account of professional duties. 

MER -17 Years 
From  14/ 1/97 
To    14/ 1/14

MER 11/ 6/99
KET  8/ 6/00
VEN  8/ 4/03
SUN 14/ 2/04
MON 14/ 7/05
MAR 11/ 7/06
RAH 29/ 1/09
JUP  5/ 5/11
SAT 14/ 1/14

You are currently running Mercury Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. Though the Mahadasha lord is support your foreign trip but antardasha lord saturn is causing delay as it has drishti to 12th and 7th house in your natal chart.

KET -7 Years 
From  14/ 1/14 

To    14/ 1/21

KET 11/ 6/14
VEN 11/ 8/15
SUN 17/12/15
MON 17/ 7/16
MAR 14/12/16
RAH  2/ 1/18
JUP  8/12/18
SAT 17/ 1/20
MER 14/ 1/21

Your next Mahadasha is of Ketu which is situated in your 9th house . The 9th house is 12th from 10th house. 9th House also denotes long Journeys. Hence possibly in Ketu Mahadasha and Sun antardasha periods will result into long foreign trips.

Similary Ketu - Mercury period (18/1/2020 to 14/1/21) will result in foreign trips due to professional duties.

Job change

The job change involves 10th house , 5th House and 9th house or its lord connected with each other.

10th lord is Mercury
5th Lord is Saturn
9th lord is Venus

So in Mahadasha and Antardasha of these periods , you will see job changes. Further periods when these lords conjoin will also trigger Job changes. Shani which is a natural Karaka for resistent to change will not bring in Job change. 

Your current period is Mercury -Saturn till Sept 2014. Hence there are bleak chances of Job change. Further the Dasamsa chart (D-10) shows Moon as your lagna lord which represents movement and a watery sign. Your 10th house also has movable sign aries which means that you will not stay in one company for too long except in periods of Mahadasa and antardasa of Shani which will try to restrict movement. Hence Chances of Job change are more in period of mercury or moon or Mars .

Somewhere Mid 2016 year is very strong indicator of Job change year.


Periods of shani (antardasa) will bring obstacles and hence Shani propitation and Pooja of Lord Ganesa (Budha) will be auspicious for you. 

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