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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Career in IT or IAS Job

Received the following email from a querist.

Dear Sir,

             I am XXXXX residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I would like to know my complete astro details mainly focusing on my career. kindly help me with the same. Most importantly i want to know my accurate passion since i am very much confused in my career, and also i would love to pursue my passion as my career. Below are my details,

DOB : 25/06/1987
Place of Birth : Bangalore
Time : 12.17pm (Afternoon)

 I will tell you my relevant working  area but providing so, will it not be easy for you to map. Please dont misunderstand me because i had some previous experiences in which people used to ask my current working area and suggest me fields which are close to it or possibilities. But i seriously am requesting you and trusting you for accurate predictions since i always feel some what unsatisfied. I really really want to know my passion sir. People say in astrology even diseases can be predicted accurately with time, positionand nature. When things like these can be found out, why not passion sir?? I always think hard about what i like but i am not able to find. Please help me out sir. Sir with all these being said i am giving out my working area. I have done BE in Computer Science and Engg. and MS in Computer Science and Networking. I had a gap of one year between 2009-10 where i was less seriously preparing for IAS. I didnt take IAS that seriously. Sir having said all these i am relying on your inputs badly.

Your 10th lord has Gemini sign. It has 3 planets in 10th house. Mercury, Sun and Mars. Mercury being lord of ascendant / lagna and 10th house is in own sign which is very good indication. Mars being lord of 8th house and 3rd house is also conjoined in with Mercury in 10th house. This indicates strong career possibilities either in Insurance sector or in communications or Publication sector. The 8th house represents things relating to History, dead people, sudden transformation  where as the 3rd house represents Courage, communications, publishing, information technology.  Mercury is the significator of communication, Intelligence, Buddhi. Mars is significator of courage, authority , engineering, logic based professions such as mathematicians. Therefore from this analysis perspective job in IT sector or IT department in a Telecom company also suits you well. You will get positions of authority in your job.
The 12th house lord sun (12th house is house of losses, expenses, secret enemies, foreign land) has also conjoined with Mercury and Mars in 10th house. SUN and Mars get directional strength in 10th house hence possibility of you getting a foreign job is there during the Mahadasha and antardasa of Mercury, Mars and sun.
The 3rd house , which is 6th from10th house has Saturn placement which will result obstacles in your career . You will face disappointment and hindrances in career when Saturn Mahadasha or antardasha comes or during the transits of Mercury, Mars and Sun , they get associated with Saturn.
Jupiter , owner of 4th house (7th from 10th house ) and 7th (10th from 10th house) house is placed in 8th house (11th from 10th house). Presence of Jupiter in 8th will increase the gains from profession.  It will also promote the ethical income as Jupiter is representative of Dharma. Hence you don’t indulge in unethical practices and in case you do, Jupiter will establish your professional Dharma.
Since you are a Computers science professional, you are very right in this field as far as your current planetary positions in your horoscope is concerned. Why you are planning to do IAS is because SUN in 10th house is a strong significator of job with the king (which in this case is Government of India)  and with position of authority and Power and name in society.
Your 10th house of profession is very strong with presence of Sun, Mars and Mercury. Hence you may choose to be in Computer science field or opt for IAS. However , being a professional myself, I will strongly advise you to stay in Information Technology field and get some international experience as IT has a bright future.

Looking at the Shadbala Chart, 10th Bhava is number 2 Rank out of 12th Bhava which concretes my observation.
Looking at the planetary strength SUN is Ranked as number one where as Mercury and Mars have 3rd and 4th Rank in the Graha Bala table. This shows that IAS job can be good for you in case you are interested in Govt job and wish to enjoy power.
The Navamsa chart also shows SUN in your 10th house and Mars having 7th aspect to 10th house showing authority in profession. This once again confirms the strong possibility of Govt job with power.
Moon is the representation of mind and is placed in 9th house with Venus. Saturn is aspecting Moon and Venus. Saturn is enemy of Moon but friend of Venus hence your mind will be under constant stress due to such aspect of Saturn which brings mental worries as its natural trait.
Dasamsa Chart Analysis

Your Dasamsa lagna lord is moon and the same is well placed in 4th house and aspecting the 10th house. This indicates movement in profession but within motherland only.
Jupiter is placed in 10th house in dasamsa which is promising significant growth in profession. The lord of 10th house is Mars and the same is placed in 9th house of fortune which indicates that you will be very fortunate in your profession. The 9th house is 12th from 10th house , it shows that fortune showers will come with connection with foreign land.
Mercury being the lord of 12th house which represents foreign land, is in 7th house (which is 10th from 10th house). Hence this is also a indicator of foreign land and aspecting lagna of D-10 chart.

Overall the probability of you landing in foreign job is higher than working in home land or Birth land.
Saturn is placed in 8th house and is aspecting 10th house which indicates sudden transformations and breaks in career. However it will promote the long duration in profession or in other words longevity of profession. You may change jobs but you may stay in same profession. That’s what we mean here.

lagna lord of dasamsa is in anant dasamsa in house 4 indicating endless fame in own country.
10th lord and 5th lord of dasamsa is in indra dasamsa in 9th house  which means service with king and enjoyment of power. This is a major Rajayoga giving huge fortune. Frequent long travelling and change of job will be there.

9th house lord of dasamsa is in ishan dasamsa in 10th house  indicating rightful and dharmic conduct in profession and thus creating a rajayoga.

House of gains 11th lord venus  is in ishaan dasamsa in second house of dasamsa chart indicating peaceful way of earning income with blessings of god and will accumulate wealth.

7th house lord of partners and associates of dasamsa chart is in ishaan dasamsa indicating good associates in profession but in 8th house of dasamsa chart. However the 12th lord is in seventh house indicating secret activities by associates to help the native in enforcement of rules because 12th lord is in yama dasamsa and lord yama is a justice giver.

3rd house lord mercury of dasamsa chart is in yama dasamsa in 7th house indicating lawful dealings with associates.

12th house lord mercury is in yama dasamsa in 7th house indicating losses from associates and partners in profession due to enforcement of rules.

Your Mahadasha and Antardasha periods
JUP Mahadasha -16 Years From 2/ 7/09 To 2/ 7/25

Antardasha of
JUP 20/ 8/11
SAT 2/ 3/14 (Your current antardasha)
MER 8/ 6/16
KET 14/ 5/17
VEN 14/ 1/20
SUN 2/11/20
MON 2/ 3/22
MAR 8/ 2/23
RAH 2/ 7/25
Saturn is placed in 6th house from 10th house in your chart. Hence this period of Saturn will be filled with mental worries and obstacles as far as service is concerned. The Antardasha lord is placed 8th from the Mahadasha lord which is very inauspicious.
Therefore you will face lot of issues on domestic front because Jupiter is your 4th and 7th house lord but sitting in 8th house of evil. 


  1. Career and Family life in Shani Mahadasha
    Dear Sir
    My DOB : 27/05/1968
    Place : Kondagaon, Chhatisgarh,
    Time Between 4 to 4.30 AM
    Shani is in my 12 th house with Rahu ( in Pieces Sign ) I have Aries Lagna.
    My Career is Very Good So far, I am working for Goverment with engineering background.
    In my Sadbala Table maximum point is for 5 th House ( 10.05),2nd position 9th House (10.01), 3rd position 12 th House ( 8.72). 10th & 11 th houses are ranked as 12 th & 11 th with respect to sadabala points (less than 6 points).
    My concern is about Shani Mahadasha starting from 2020. How it is going to be with respect to my career, financially and family?
    My son is aiming for IIT JEE , appearing in 2017 , whether he will be successful?

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