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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Career Trouble & Marital discord

Query by a Blog Visitor is as follows:

I have been in a big mental tension for the last 7 years and it is going on. There is no peace at all. Some astrologers said it will be okay from Nov 2012. I like to go for Administrative jobs than the present Research Job [Scientific officer/Industrial Scientist]. I am trying to get a position in any ministry of central government.  How will be my career? At job site, my immediate boss is very bad with me. Other higher officials are very nice to me. I have more reputation than my boss. When will i come out of this boss/he would turn friendly towards me

Mental Tension

You are currently having Ketu Mahadsa and Moon antardasa. Ketu is sitting in your lagna (House of self) and Moon is sitting in your 6th house. (6th house is mental tension, obstacles, service, competition etc.). When chandra is in natural house of Budha, there are several experiences which one faces. Moon is not the enemy of Mercury (Budha) but Budha is the enemy of Chandra. Further Moon is conjoined with shani in 6th house who is the lord of 11 (House of Gains, freinds) and 12 th house (12 th house is also evil house, house of losses, dissolution, hospitalisation, secret enemies)  in your horoscope. Hence periods of april 2010 to Nov 2011 was most stressful and bad for you when you were running Moon mahadasa and saturn antardasa.

You have strong desire to serve in Ministries of service.

In Navamsa chart also, Moon is badly placed in dusthana 8th house.(Evil house)

Moon is representative of mind and hence this process of mental tension have started in 2005 which is exactly last 7 years from 2012. Though the effects will start reducing a bit from Nov 2012 but the full effect of mental peace will come only after end of Mahadasa of Moon which s ending in Jan 2015.

MON Mahadasa -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To  13/ 1/15

Antardasa Period

MON 13/11/05

MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

Career / Profession

The Karma or the activities of a person can be seen from various angles.

1. Janam Nakshtra
2. 10 house lord
3. Placement of 10th lord
4. 10th from Moon
5. 10th from Saturn
6. Analysis of Dasamsa chart.

The combination of all these will throw light on what will be the native profession. Lets see each them.

Janam Nakshtra is Magha 4 whose lord is Ketu. Therefore we will list professions of Magha nakshtra born natives are Administrators, Managers, those in contact  with Royalty, and those who bestow (or receive) honors, those are super achievers. High positions in Government, People at the top of their chosen profession; entrepreneurs, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen (those in a position of authority) . 

10th house lord is Jupiter and is placed in 4th house indicating profession in motherland. Jupiter is the Karaka of knowledge and hence all knowledge related professions , judges, educational institutions heads, Head of Religious institutions etc. Jupiter is placed in 4th house of education hence denoting research based 

There is no planet in 10th from Moon and Saturn hence condition number 4 or 5 may not give any accurate results.

It is clearly evident that you are more suitable for professions which has connections with Royalty / Govt. You may attain high positions in Government.

Analysis of Bhava bala table indicate that 10th house has number 1 Rank and hence you need not worry about your professional rise. 

Marriage and relationships 
7th house is house of partnerships, alliances , spouse. Your 7th house has Rahu. The presence of Rahu in 7th house indicates unusual expectations and desires of spouse affecting marital discord. Rahu is best for breaking social order or dont follow orderly way wherever it resides. e.g Inter caste marriage is the result og Rahu in 7th. Another trait of Rahu is sudden ups and downs. Hence your relationship with your wife will see many ups and downs. Further 6th house is 12th to 7th house. Placement of malefics in 6th indicates dissolution of marriage. 

Rahu in sign of Mercury indicates more than one marriage as Mercury sign indicates multiplicity. 

Further analysis of Navamsa chart , 7th house has Saturn, Rahu and Mercury with aspect of Mars from Navamsa lagna which is really a troublesome married life. All malefic planets (Mars, Rahu, Saturn , Sun) are affecting your 7th house (House of Partner, alliances)  in Navamsa chart. 

Periods of Rahu , Mercury and Saturn Antardasa will cause major trouble for you on marital front.(See chart below). Have just drawn the table up to 2022 year.

MON -10 Years From  13/ 1/05 To    13/ 1/15
MON 13/11/05
MAR 13/ 6/06
RAH 13/12/07
JUP 13/ 4/09
SAT 13/11/10
MER 13/ 4/12
KET 13/11/12
VEN 13/ 7/14
SUN 13/ 1/15

MAR -7 Years From  13/ 1/15 To    13/ 1/22

MAR 10/ 6/15
RAH 28/ 6/16
JUP  4/ 6/17
SAT 13/ 7/18
MER 10/ 7/19
KET  7/12/19
VEN  7/ 2/21
SUN 13/ 6/21
MON 13/ 1/22

12th house of your horoscope is 6th house of your wife (Count number of houses from 7th house to 12th house) which represents Maternal uncle. This 12th house house has sign of Saturn (Acquarius). Saturn  has gone and sat in your 6th house of litigation. Saturn is in enemy sign and conjoined with his enemy moon. Hence  it will be her Maternal uncle who will be bring troubles for you.

The analysis of Shadbala (Strength of planets)  indicates that the most powerful planet in your horoscope is Saturn and least powerful is Venus (Signification of wife) . Hence you marital indicators are severally affected.

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