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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Raj Thackery Birth Chart analysis (Founder of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena)

Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackery, 14th June 1968, 17:44 Mumbai

The 3rd house is aspected by venus by rashi drishti. and it has moon which confirms his creative side to draw cartoons as 3rd bhav shows hands. moon is 9th lord and raj completed his higher studies in fine arts. (shukra aspecting the 9th bhav by rashi drishti). Chandra also aspecting the 9th bhav by graha drishti. His association with music and arts is well known due to aspect of moon and venus on the lagna.

His aggression is due to the aspect of mangal on the Chandra (mind).

Jupiter is 5th lord and karaka of the 5th house showing power and authority. Jupiter is occupying leo sign in 10th bhav confirming his status as Powerful leader as leo is natural sign of regality. Jupiter is also lording 2nd Bhav of wealth and since it is a karaka for wealth, Raj has amassed huge wealth and has several properties in Mumbai. Sree lagna is in 10th Bhav with guru confirms his wealth generation through his powerful position (indrasthana).

11th lord budha aspecting 11th bhav of income indicating  hidden sources of income. ketu in 11th shows income from property.

Shani is the atma karaka and is also placed in 5th house conjoining rahu. When 3rd lord (parakram bhav) is associated with 5th (power) , it creates a rajyoga . shani is 3rd lord and sitting in 5th house. The 5th house is also called chitta and presence of 2 malefics shows the restlessness and huge desire (rahu) for power (5th bhav with atma karaka) within him to rule his  birth state. (shani is also 4th lord)

11th bhav shows social groups a person associates with and here we find ketu (military). he has been creating some size army style groups within state called Vidyarthi sena , autorickshaw sena etc etc.

Mercury is retrograde in his own sign gemini which shows languages. This retrogression is happening in 8th Bhav and raj thackery keep enforcing Marathi language in the state . When the Graha is retrograde , there is a huge chesta bala (enforce ) done by the graha. Since this is happening in 8th Bhav , his agenda is always controversial.