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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Higher Education prospects abroad

Respected sir,

I was wondering if you could analyze my birth chart and tell whether i should go abroad for higher education. I am currently pursuing chemical engineering(Final year) and will be giving my GRE exam for studying abroad in january 2013......

In spite of trying very hard...i have been unsuccessful in getting a job during the campus recruitment at my i wanted to know when will i get a job and is higher education abroad indicated in my birth chart....


D O B: 5 NOVEMBER 1991
T O B: 14:52

Comments on Higher Education abroad

The higher education is seen from the Sublord of the 9th house . If the higher education is abroad  then the 12th house should also be signified. Lets see how the planets are based in the chart of the native.

Current Mahadasa of native is Jupiter - Saturn which will run till 28/11/2014

The Mahadasa - antardasa - Sooskhamantardasa  periods are as follows

Jupiter / Saturn / Mercury  -  This will run upto 19/2/2013

Jupiter / Saturn / Ketu       - This will run upto 12/04/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Venus     - This period will end on 14/09/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Sun        -  This will run upto 30/10/2013
Jupiter / Saturn / Moon      - This will end on 16/01/2014

The sub lord of 9th cusp / House is Mercury who is in constellation of Saturn. Hence Mercury will give effects of Saturn . Planet Saturn is owner of  1st house and 12 th house.Further planet Saturn is in 11th house which represents fulfillment of desires. Hence Mercury will signify 1,11,12 houses. There is no planet in constellation of Mercury. Hence Mercury will very strongly signify 5th and 9th house. 

The native is currently under period of Jupiter Mahadasa and Saturn Bhukti and Mercury Antra and the same will end on 19/2/2013.

Mahadasa lord Jupiter is in constellation of Venus. The planet Venus is owner of 3rd, 4th cusp , 8th cusp and stationed in 7th house. 3rd house represents end of basic education (being 12th from 4th) and also change of residence The 4th house represents school and college level education and 8th house represents breaks, sudden changes, obstacles.  Hence Venus signification will result in 4,7,8 house getting impacted.

There is no planet in Jupiter Star. Hence Jupiter will signify 6th house and 11th house very strongly.

For Higher education abroad siginification of 3, 4,9,11,12 is must.

Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is signifying 4th house ,11th house.

Saturn, the Bhukti lord is signifying 11, 12 house
Mercury is signifying 9th house.

Hence conditions are perfectly favorable for higher education abroad  but with some sudden change of events due to Jupiters signification of 8th house due to Venus. The native will leave the country latest by 19/2/2013

Getting a job offer


For getting job, the Mahadasa -Bhukti - antardasa lords must signify 6th and 10, 11th  house through their  effects. 

The sub-lord of 6th house is Saturn. He is in 11th house (fulfillment of desire, gains ) and owner of 12th house (end , dissolution ) and 1st house. 

Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is also significating 6th house very strongly and also 11th house being owner of 11th house.

However we have seen above that Mercury is strongly signifying 5th and 9th house which are not good for Job prospects because 5th  house is 12th from 6th and 9th house is 12th from 10th house of profession. The Mercury antardasa will end on 19/2/2013 post which Ketu antardasa is starting . ketu is signifying 4th house and 10th house (profession). Hence the native may get a job  offer during this period post 19/2/2013.

The only good period of getting a Job offer is between  30/10/2013 to 16/01/2014 which is a antardasa of Moon period.

One thing is clear that almost all the planets are signifying the 8th house . Hence native will face obstacles in every activity of his life and there sudden turn of events for the native as far as every situation is concerned. 

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