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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Marital discord & Job loss

Most Respected Sir,

My name is XXXXXX
DOB : 10th January 1979
Tob: 03:53 am early morning
POB: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)  Latitude 26.50N,  Longitude: 80.54E

I am facing a lot of problems in marriage and am having no job for
since 01st September. Request your valued predictions.


Following is your Chart as per Krishnamurti Padhati system.

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

The Marriage success or failure is analysed from 7th house sub sub lord. If the 7th sub sub lord is also significator of 6th house and 12th house then it results in marital discord. In your chart, Saturn is sub sub lord of 7th house and is retrograde. Hence Saturn will be ineffective is signifying the matters of 7th house.

Saturn is in star of Venus. Venus is stationed in 12th house. The 12th house signifies marital disputes. 

You are currently running Jupiter - Mercury - Venus Dasa.

Inline image 5

Jupiter is not the sub sub lord of any of the cusp.  Jupiter is in constellation of Saturn who is owner of 3,4 houses and stationed in 9th house. Since the constellation lord Saturn  is retrograde, Jupiter will be ineffective in giving results of 3,4,9 houses. 

Jupiter is lord of 2,5 and stationed in 8. The 8th house represents sudden changes, obstacles , accidents.  Hence Jupiter Mahadasa will bring lot of obstacles, sudden changes, chances of accidents during its Mahadasa which will run till 2023. Jupiter is also lord of 2 which is marak sthana. Hence you need to be very careful during the period of Jupiter Mahadasa especially the period between 29th May 2014 and 8th oct 2014.  these obstacles , mental agony  will be in relation to Family matters, wealth, children due to its relation with 2 and 5 house. 5th house is 12th from 6th house and 8th from 10th house which is both not good from profession and service perspective. 5th house being 12th from 6 represents end of job and being 8th from 10th house of profession represents obstacles in profession or sudden break in professional duties.

Mercury is in constellation of Ketu who is signifying 2,4,5,8 houses. Again here 5,8 house getting affected which are not good for service and will create obstacles.

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