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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Job Change

I am trying to change my job as I do not see any future in my present one ( very less paid and too much of tension and agony). I was hospitalized till last june 2012 and started looking for a new job ever since. Can some one suggest when there will be a change and if it will be towards my settlement and desirable?

Birth Details 
Feb 3rd 1980 
2:28 am


I have constructed your chart as per Krishnamurti Padhati.

For success in Service and good Income, the 6th House  sub lord should be the significator of house 2 (wealth) and 11 (Gains / Income) . If the person also enjoys authority on the job then 10th house signification is also there showing power. Lets see what is in your chart. 

Your Sub Sub lord of the 6th house of service is Mars. The significations will work in following serial order.

1. Planet Mars is in constellation of Venus who is positioned in 4th house and owns 7th and 12th house. As per KP theory, planets in the constellations of occupants give strongest results. Now 4th house is 11th from 6th house. This represents gains by serving in a place where you were born.

2. Venus  is also resulting in signification of 12th house which represents loss. Hence due to simultaneous significations of 12th house , your gains may be nullified. This means working in foreign land or place far off from your place of birth may not suit you.

Analysis of your 10th House Sub sub lord

Your 10th house sub sub lord is Rahu who is in Ketu Star. Therefore Rahu is significating 3rd and 9th house which are both bad for profession. 3rd house is 6th from 10th and 9th house is 12th from 10 house. Both of them will result in disputes at work place and end of job because 12th from any house represents dissolution of that house.

Your current Mahadasa is Moon-Saturn Mahadasa. Again here Moon is significator of 3 and 9 house and saturn is significating 3,4,10 house. The signification of 9th house will bring change of Job. I think by 26th Jan 2013 , you will quit your current job.


  1. Dear sir,

    I request to kindly advise me:

    I am facing problem in my career since last April 2011 and have to leave job in September 2011. Since then I have tried doing own Financial consultancy but didnt succeed nor am able to find Job. I request u to please guide me whether I will succeed in own venture or in job and when.

    I have started my career in 1999 but could not settle in any organisation. Have already changed 9 jobs in last 13 years.

    Further, I am still single and let me know when I will get married.

    My details are as follows:

    DOB: 29th December 1976
    Time: 21.10 hrs.
    Place: Mumbai, India

    Thanks & Regards,

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