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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Job loss and Job gain

Dear Respected Gurujis,

My husband has recently lost his job & is very depressed.  Kindly analyse his charts & let me know if he would be successful in getting a job soon.

His details are as under.

Date : 15-12-1964
Time : 05:37 am
Place : Delhi, India

Thanks in advance for your time & effort.

Vimshottri dasa period

MAR -7 Years From   2/ 2/06 To     2/ 2/13
MAR 29/ 6/06
RAH 17/ 7/07
JUP 23/ 6/08
SAT  2/ 8/09
MER 29/ 7/10
KET 26/12/10
VEN 26/ 2/12
SUN  2/ 7/12
MON  2/ 2/13

RAH -18 Years From   2/ 2/13 To     2/ 2/31 
RAH 14/10/15
JUP  8/ 3/18
SAT 14/ 1/21
MER  2/ 8/23
KET 20/ 8/24
VEN 20/ 8/27
SUN 14/ 7/28
MON 14/ 1/30
MAR  2/ 2/31

Planet Signification
Planets Houses
SU 1 8 10 11
MO 1 5 9
MA 1 6 7 10 12
ME 1 8 11
JU 2 5 6 7 12
VE 2 5 6 7 12
SA 1 3 4 6 10
RA 1 6 7 10
KE 1 8 11

Your husband is running Mars Moon Dasa . This Dasa will end on 2/2/2013. The job termination is seen from 5th and 9th house. On analyzing your husbands chart I found that Moon is significating  5th and 9th house. Therefore job loss has been triggered.

His Rahu dasa is starting from 3/2/2013. Rahu is significating 1,6,7,10 houses. 6th house is shouse of service and 10th house is house of profession. Therefore he will get a job after 2nd Feb 2013. This dasa will continue till 2015. 


  1. Dear Respected Gurujis,

    I am thinking of changing my job.

    i want move to canada where i have job offer.

    will i be successful by changing job

    my details are as under.

    Date : 17-09-1988
    Time : 02:30 am
    Place : Hyderabad, INDIA

    Thanks in advance

  2. Dear Sir,

    My DOB-12-5-71 Time 6: 59 AM Nagpur.
    What is prospect of MBA from abroad for me?. I lost my job in 2011, and since then under stress. doing a small job. When I can revive my old status?


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  8. sir,

    I request to kindly advise me on when I can change my job .I am trying for a manager position .Currently I am in HYD and my birth place is in Nadia(WB).

    I request you to please let me know if when I will have a good job change.

    I have started my career in 1999 but could not settle in any organisation. Have already changed 9 jobs in last 13 years.

    Further, I am still single and let me know when I will get married.

    My details are as follows:

    DOB: 19th July 1981
    Time: 15:07 hrs.
    Place: Nadia (WB),India

    Thanks ,

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