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Friday, December 21, 2012

Issue in Relationship

respected sir..

sir im facing prob. in my life from last year.. i m facing prb from in my
relationship plz guide me i want to know my marrige will arrange or luv?? nd kb
tk hogi??


I have taken following as your details:

Gender of Native : female
DOB : 28.07.1989
time of Birth : 7.05 am
Place of birth : Indore

Relationship is looked from 7th house. in your horoscope , Your 7th house sub lord is Sun. Sun is in star of Saturn who is owner of 7th and 8th house but sitting in 5th house of love. Sun is the owner of 2nd house but sitting in 12th house .Therefore sun is significating 2,5,7,8,12 houses. 

The connection of 5th and 7th house indicate love marriage because 5th house is significator of love and 7th house is marriage, marriage partner and house of relationships. 

Signification of 8th house shows obstacles and 12th house shows marital disputes. Therefore the marriage will not come easy for you.

 Your 7th house has Rahu stationed in Saturn sign. This means you will marry against social norms. May be inter caste marriage or against your family societal  norms.

Hence the marriage will fructify only during the period planets who signify 5,7,11 house. Hence Sun, Saturn, Rahu Dasa will bring marriage for you.

Your Mahadasa - Bhukti periods are as follows

Rahu-Mercury (uptill 24/01/2014)
Rahe-Ketu (upto 12/02/2015)
Rahu -Venus ( 12/02/2018)
Rahu - sun (06/01/2019)

Currently your mahadasa is Rahu-mercury-rahu. The Rahu Saturn Dasa has already passed.

Rahu is significating 1, 5, 7,  10 house.Signification of 5th and 7th house results in love marriage. Hence your marriage period has started as your are running Rahu Mahadasa. The marriage will happen in the period 17/07/2018 to 07/09/2018.  

Due to your current sub period of Mercury you will face problems in relationships because Mercury is significating your 12th house. 12th house is 6th from 7th house and 6th house represents disputes.This is not good as this results in marital /relational / partner disputes. 

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