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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Marital Dispute and Second Marriage

 Can anyone Please guide me about an approximate time when i can expect my
> second marriage and some details about the girl
> *My Details*
> 13-Nov-1981
> 19:18
> Ludhiana, India
> Date of first marriage - 22 Oct 2011
> Date of Seperation - 10th April 2012
> Reason for separation - Adjustment related issues and lack of love
> Last 8 months have been very bad for me.. Huge financial losses in terms of
> alimony and also lots of stress and unhappiness during last 8 months.. When
> will my good time start ?


7th sub lord is Mars. Mars is in constellation of Venus who is lord of 1st and 6th house and is stationed in 7th house. Hence Mars is significator of 1,6,7 house.  Mars himself is positioned in 4th house and owner of 7th and 12th house. Therefore sub lord of 7th house Mars has  signification of 6,7,12 house. 6th house indicate separation, litigation and  12 house ( which is 6th from 7th house ) shows disputes related to Marriage. 

On 10th April 2012 , native was having the following dasa


Jupiter , the Mahadasa lord is in constellation of Mars. Hence Jupiter will signify 6,7,12 at Steller level houses. Jupiter was in sub of Venus which is lord of 6th house. Hence sub lord is confirming the end of marriage.

Saturn , the Bhukti lord is also in constellation of Mars . Hence Saturn is also signifying 6,7,12 houses at steller level. Saturn is in sub of Ketu who is a signification of 4,6,8 house . Here again the sub lord Ketu is confirming the event due to signification of 6th house.

Mercury , the Antardasa lord is in constellation of Rahu and sub of Saturn.

Venus, the sooksham antardasa lord .  is in own constellation and in sub of Venus. Hence here again signification of 6th house played the role. 

Promise of Second Marriage


As per KP, any planet in 7th house in constellation of Mercury gives second marriage. This means that second marriage is promised in your chart as Mercury is  constellation lord  of 7th house . 

When will second Marriage happen

The second marriage is seen from 9th house. Your 9th house sub lord is Venus who is again signification of 6th and 7th house .  Saturn is also significator of 9th house. 

Mars , Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are all Signifying 7th house. Except Mars and Venus, none of the other planets as discussed are signifying your 6th house along with 7th house. I mean Jupiter and Saturn can be taken as positive for second marriage without 6th house negative effect.

It is the sub lord of the 9th house which has to say yes to second marriage. In this case Venus is the sub lord of 9th house. 

Therefore the second Marriage may happen in combined period of Jupiter - Venus. 


  1. Name --Aditya walia
    Dob 13/jan/1993
    place of birth -Delhi . country of birth- india
    time of birth - 10:10 Am
    current location - Faridabad

    Career in acting and modelling will i get success and fame in this field
    PLEASE tl me in detail about rahu and saturn are they benific planets in my chart and also about special powerful yogas in my chart benific ....
    n do i have Neech bhang raj yoga

    n how will be rahu mahadash for me>

  2. Hello Rajesh ji,

    My name : Deepak Malhotra
    Birth : 31/10/1982 , 23:25 @ New Delhi.

    Kindly take an insightful look at my kundli and tell me when will my good time in terms of career will start. I am looking for a change so please advise if you see any change for good in the near future. Awaiting your response.