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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Job problems and becoming an NRI

my Own details is as follows:

DOB: 25-02-1974
TimeL 13:50 Pm
Place: BUNDI -Rajasthan

presently i am running eight saturn transit and even Rahu wil be in eighths from Dec 23rd

I had a very good time form 2000 to 2009, but since then I am struggling very much on JOB front and also on financial matters

I am also concerned about my eigth venus,, Saturn+Ketu in lagna

Can I ever be NRI and do i have any business prospect in life
Pls suggest some fundamental remedy for me and when will good period start

I am also not married till date

Pls throw some light on my future.


Your current Dasa is Venus - Mercury...

Job is seen from 6th house Sub lsub lord .If the 6th House sub sub lord has connection with 8th house then you may face obstacles in Job. 

9th house is disconnection from Profession being 12th from 10th house of profession. 

5th house is 12th from 6th house of service. This means dissolution of service. 5th house is also 8th from 10th house which shows obstacles from profession.

Hence any planets signifying 5 and 9  houses will bring dissolution of profession / services. If the 6th house sub sub lord is also significator of 8th house then one may face obstacles in profession.

2000 to 2009  period , Good why.?

venus - moon dasa upto 24/6/2001 (good because of moon signification of 1 2 4 9 10 houses)
venus - mars  upto         24/08/2002  (good because of mars signification of 3 6 9 11 houses)
venus - rahu    upto        24/08/2005  (Good because Rahu is placed in 6th house of service)
venus - jupiter  upto       24/08/2008 ( Jupiter signifying 6,7,9,10,11)

So except the 9th house negative effect signification rest all the antardasa periods were contributing to good house . 2(house of wealth), 4 (comforts , luxary , house, vehicle ) , 6 (House of service ) , 10 (House of profession ) , 11(Gains , fulfillment of desires)

6th House sub sub lord 

Your 6th sub Sub lord is Mars who is in star of Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in 9th house in your  chart and is also owner of 1, 7 house .Hence on Star level , it is significating 1,7,9 house. Mars is owner of 11th house and 6th house and is placed in 11th house. Hence Mars will signify 6,11 house.

Therefore the sub sub lord Mars being in constellation of Jupiter who is in 9th house is not good for profession. 


Venus is Sub Sub lord of 9th Cusp. Its in Star of Sun who is owner of 3rd house and is stationed in 9th house. Therefore again 9th house is getting impacted. Venus is also lord of 5th house and 12th house. There is no planet in star / constellation of Venus . Therefore Venus himself will give effects of 5th house and 12th house and 7th house. Hence during Venus Mahadasa you will face issues in profession due to signification of 5th house. 


Mercury is in star of Rahu and sub sub of Mars. Rahu is stationed in 6th house but in  sign. So Rahu will give impact of 8th house ,9th house and 12th house because Saturn is owner of 8,9 house but placed in 12th house. So Mercury will signify 1,4,6,9 houses. The houses 1 and 9 are problematic because 1st house is 8th from 6th.

Hence you will face issues during this period of Venus-Mercury dasa. 

Business Prospects (7th house sub sub lord)

Your 7th house sub sub lord is Saturn. Hence Saturn is significating affairs of 6,8,9,11,12. Though the signification of 11th house is good for business, rest of the houses signification is bad for business. i.e 6,8,12. Dont even try your hands at Business.

Being an NRI (12th house sub sub lord)

 Becoming NRI means that 12th sub sub lord should significate 3rd house (because 3rd house is 12th from 4th) of Vice Versa that 3rd house sub sub lord should significate 12th house. If any of these sub sub lords of 3 or 12 house also significate 4th house then there is no chance of becoming NRI and you will keep coming back to home land.

Your 12th Sub Sub lord is Mars. Mars is signification 3,6,9,11. Since 12th Sub sub lord is also significating 3rd house. There is high chance that you can settle in foreign land.

Your 4th house sub sub lord is Saturn. Saturn is in constellation of Mars who is a significator of 3rd house ( as discussed above). Saturn himself is placed in 12th house. Hence this is strong indication of your foreign settlement.

However both Mars and saturn Mahadasa are appearing in very late part of your life. 

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