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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marital Separation- Case Study

This is a case of a lady who got separated with in 2.5 years of marriage. The details are as follows:

Date of Birth :14th August 1982
Time of Birth : 5:55 PM
Place of Birth :New Delhi

Analysis of 7th House

1.Occupation of planets(-)
The seventh house is occupied by Lord of 8th House SUN and Lord of 5th and 10th house.

2. Aspects to 7th House
There is no aspect to seventh house.

3.Position of 7th Lord Moon (+)
The 7th lord Moon is in 5th house of the Natal Chart.

4. Position of 7th lord of Natal Chart in 6th house of Disgareement in Navamsa Chart (-)

 5.7th House on Rahu Ketu Axis in Navamsa, Ketu being Karaka for detachment in house of Partnership , Marriage , Rahu karaka for Sudden ups and downs, doer of socially unjustifying acts, rule breaker. (-)

6. 7th lord in Navamsa in 6th house of disagreements and conjoined with 8th lord of sudden death and rebirth ,Transformation (-).

7. 6th lord house of disagreements aspecting 7th house from lagna in Navamsa (-).

8. Mercury, the 7th Lord of Navamsa chart in 8th house in Natal chart. (-)
So, 6 points out of 7 are negative and hence was high probability of separation.

Seperation happened in June 2012 when she is having Jupiter Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti. The lagna lord in Navamsa is Jupiter and Mercury is the 7th lord. Kindly note the position of Mahadasha lord and Antardasha lord in Natal chart. Mercury is exactly placed 8th from Jupiter in Natal chart….Truly coinciding with Jupiter Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti. Jupiter is also lord of 12 house in Natal chart  and 12th house represents dissolution , loss.

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