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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maruti Udyog Violence at Manesar--- Astrological analysis

Maruti udyog Limited was incorporated on 24th Feb 1981. We have taken time of incorporation of Company in Company affairs department as 10.30 AM morning and place of registration as Gurgaon , Haryana. Basis above coordinates , lagna chart is as follows:

Analysis of Natal Chart
The above natal chart shows Maruti lagna as Aries. Aries is a fiery sign and its owner is Mars. Mars represents fire, engineering . The Moon sign is Libra whose owner is Venus (Karaka for Vehicles). The presence of Moon (4th house lord representing masses or general Public)  in 7th house (house of relations) shows that Company will have good relations / image with masses. Venus (Lord of house of wealth (2nd ) and lord of Business (7th house) is in 11th house of Gains with Lagna Lord Mars. Hence lagna lord, 7th house lord and 5th house lord sitting in house of gains indicate good income from Vehicles Business (7th house represents Business).

6th House Analysis (Represents workers and labour force)
Saturn in 6th house is in friendly sign and is also representer of labour force. Being lord of 10th (karma or production) and 11th house (House of Gains) , presence of Saturn in 6th house represents obstacles in production (Karma of Maruti) and obstacles / delays in gains. Jupiter being lord of 9th house (House of fortune) is in 6th house with saturn which shows that Company's fortune will face obstacles because of workers (Saturn).

If we treat 6th house as lagna of workers then house 1 (Natal ascendent) becomes 8th house of workers (being 8th from 6th)  and  Mars being lord of this 8th house is in 6th House (11th house has been treated as 6th from 6th). Hence violent accidents cant be rules out.

Navamsa Chart Analysis

The Navamsa chart has sixth house (House of workers) as Mars in Aries, its Mooltrikona sign. The lagna of Navamsa is also is scorpio whose owner is Mars. The Mars is having its 7th aspect to Venus in 12th house (being 7th from 6th shows relationship with workers).  Mars in 6th house in own sign is strong and Company will destroy its enemies. However it will also result in disputes and therefore its 7th aspect to Venus (Karaka of relationships) in 12th house in Navamsa shows aggressive attitude of workers with their partner (Company).

Transit chart of day (wednesday ,18th July 2012) of Manesar accident where a fire accident happened and due to Violence GM (HR) of the company was charred to death.
The Company was running its Saturn Mahadasha , Mercury Antardasha, Mercury Pratyantardasha . This current transit of Saturn is sade sati for the Company. Look carefully at Natal chart and Mercury Mooltrikona sign lies in 6th house which is house of disputes, disagreements. Hence Saturn (labour)-Mercury (Disputes)  Mahadasha is bound to result in disputes with labour.

On the day of 18th July 2012, Saturn (labour force ) and Mars (accidents , violence, fire)  were conjunct in 6th house which is extremely bad situation. Again Treating 6th house as lagna of labour force / workers , Mars is lord of 8th house (its Mool trikona sign) in Transit Chart from this labour force lagna. Hence 8th house lord going to Lagna of labour force shows major accidents resulting in bodily injuries. Saturn being lord of 6th house from lagna of labour force (11th house is 6th from 6th and represents disputes) is in conjunction with 8th lord Mars shows major accident due to disputes. Both these planets are aspecting the 7th house (12th house of Transit chart is 7th from 6th) of relationships.

Maruti will run the Saturn Mahadasha , Mercury Antardasha , Mercury Pratyanterdasha till 21/10/2012. Saturn will move to Libra on 2nd august2012  and will be exhalted in that sign. However in this transit Saturn will be transiting over Moon rashi of Maruti Udyog which is generally treated as very  inauspicious. But due to Saturn  in exhalation, we see workers mood getting better after August 2, 2012 when saturn enters Libra and will remain in that sign till May 2014. Mars will move from its existing position from 29th september 2012 to Libra sign and will again conjunct Saturn in house of relationships. Finally Mars and Saturn Conjunction will be over post Dec 2012 when Mars will move into Scorpio.

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