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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Extra Marital Relations of the Spouse

I was approached by one of my office colleague in Mumbai who wanted to help one of her friend who was in real distress because of her husband’s illicit relationship with other women. I told him to provide the details which are as follows:
Date of Birth: 29/1/1970
Place : Lautoka , Fiji islands
Time of Birth : 13:25
Moon Rashi : Virgo
Current Mahadasha :
  Sat-Mer-Mer till 23/7/2012
  Sat-Mer-Ketu  till  19/9/2012  
  Sat-Mer-Venus till 1/3/2013     

 The marital relations are decided from 7th House and position of seventh lord in Natal chart and Navamsa.  The 7th house is afflicted due to Debilitated Saturn aspect . The 7th lord is in 10th house and 7thlord is also afflicted due to aspect of debilitated Saturn. Also Venus (Karaka for marital Harmony) the seventh lord is combusted in Natal chart. The mars (lagna Lord ) is also aspecting 7th house from 12th house (Dusthana) which is not a good indication.
The Navamsa chart 7th house is also afflicted due to presence of 3rd lord Saturn. The lord of 7th house in Navamsa is mercury and the same has gone to 11th house and is on Rahu Ketu Axis. This indicates separation. Saturn is also aspecting the lagna in Navamsa.  The 7th lord of Natal chart is in 6th house in Navamsa chart in his own sign. Here also Venus is combusted due to presence of SUN.
In the Natal Chart, Saturn is debilitated in 8th house from Natal Moon. The 7th house from Natal Moon has Mars.
Therefore all the indications above are pointing towards bad marriage and spouse.
To compound the problem, the transit is supporting her present condition on 4th July 2012. Saturn is in Virgo and she is in the second phase of her Sade Sati. Further the current Mahadasha and Antardasha are supporting the existing circumstances.

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