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Saturday, June 30, 2012

5th House Rahu - Reason for Job Change or seperation

The discontinuance of Job is associated to 5th House in a Horoscope . The 5th House in a Horoscope is 8th to 10th house which means breaks / Discontinuity. I shall now present the following case studies to support this view. The native, a virgo ascendant and Pisces Moon Rashi was working in a life Insurance Company upto 30th Nov 2008. He left his company and the planetary positions / Transit chart  of Mumbai on that day were as follows

Since the native has Virgo in his lagna chart therefore 5th house from native lagna has  Rahu was the main Karaka for separation. The native left the company to join a start up which was a entrepreneurial venture . Look at the 3rd house which has lagna lord and 10th Lord Mercury. The 3rd house shows courage, risk taking ability and native took the plunge. However the 2 malefics Sun (Lord of 12th house losses, expenses) and Mars (lord of 8th house , delays accidents, breaks) were associated with lagna Lord and lord of 10th house Mercury in 3rd house. The native couldn't got the money for next 12 months due to heavy losses  experienced by the new venture and had disputes with Promoters  and was under severe pressure till he find new job on 22nd Feb 2010 in a new Company. The transit chart of 22nd Feb 2010 is shown below

Due to benefic aspect of jupiter to 10th house in the above transit chart., the native was able to join back on 22/2/2010.

Consider another chart, where one of my friend parted his ways with his company which runs a Mutual Fund  in Mumbai on 10th april 2010. The freind of mine is a Leo asecndent. lets see the Transit chart of 10/4/2010.

Now Look at the 5th house from leo which falls in 9th rashi saggitarius.It has Rahu again. The native started his own Internet portal on loan disbursal by tieing up with Banks (note position of 7th lord showing business in second house which represents banks).If we look at the planets transits positions, the 7th house represents Business. The presence of Jupiter in 7th house help the  native to grow his business. Jupiter's aspect to lagna and 3rd house proves this. Further the 7th aspect of Mercury to 3rd house confirms that business was related to Commission as Mercury represents agency based Business where one gets commission. This is confirmed from the fact that 11th house lord Mercury and 11th house represents gains. The native gets commission by selling home loans of banks. The Business is slow to take off as Saturn being the owner of 7th House of Business will be responsible for the same. However Jupiter's entry in gemini on 28th May 2013 will increase the gains of the native in his business manifold.

hence 5th house from lagna analysis in Transi chart plays a crucial role in seperation from existing company/ organisation.


  1. In the first case--Transit position of Saturn is in Leo.

    30th Nov 2008
    Rule is Jupiter and Saturn both should bless for any event--6th and 10th in this case.

    Sa aspects 6th House and is 6th lord.
    Ju aspects 6th lord.

    2nd instance of the same case: Rahu is not in 5th. it is in 4th in transit. 22nd feb 2010- -->

    Sat is in Virgo. Jup in Aq in 6th.
    Saturn aspects 10h and is with 10th lord.
    Jup is in 6th House.

    3rd case: With Leo Ascendant.
    6th House-Cap lord Sat
    10th House-Taurus and Lord Venus

    Jup is in Aq --
    Sat is retro in Virgo.

    Sat by retro aspects 10h , is with 10th lord
    Jup aspects 6lord sat in Retro.
    The retro of Sat is most important.

    Actually the rule from another angle is 2,6,10,11 shows job
    1,5,9 shows changes to Job.
    connection to 3 -shows .change of place.
    Ketu is karaka for change and so is Moon....So when Sat links to Ketu --Change. You can check that too.


  2. I haven't written that rahu is in 4th on 22nd Feb 2010.

    Also Rahu in 4th on 22nd feb 2010 has nothing to do with New Joining. Its the Jupiter which blessed the growth.


  3. I have been working with an organization for last 8 yrs and left it in the dasa of rahu-venus. Venus is placed in exalted position in 5H. In fact I want to change the stream of my profession. Tired of the doing same thing for last 10 yrs.