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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Predict Child birth

The child birth can be predicted  with lot of accuracy. This Technique has been proposed by Great Shri K N Rao, World renowned astrologer, in his book Astrology & Child Birth. I pay my great regards to him for sharing such crucial  points as child birth is the most after sought Topic.

There are 2 main aspects which needs to be looked into while predicting the Child birth in the horoscopes of Father or mother.

1. Saturn aspecting 5th house or lord of 5th house or 9th house / lord of 9th house.
2. Jupiter aspecting 5th house or lord of 5th house or 9th house / lord of 9th house.

Hence Jupiter and Saturn play a crucial role in Child birth. The Great Shri K N Rao also states that 

3. Mars must aspect 5th house or lord of 5th house or 9th house / lord of 9th house of the Mother when the 9th month of Pregnancy is nearing.

when all these 4 conditions are met, child birth takes place. I tried this on my Daughters chart and was amazed to see the results. Post that I also tried this technique on other relatives chart and the results were stunning. Let me show you the following cases.

In the current case the details are as follow

Date of Birth of Native:  23/10/1969
Place of Birth of native: Delhi
Time of Birth of native: 5.35 am
Date of Birth of Daughter : 13th oct 1998
Date of birth of mother of child : 14th Sept 1973
Place of Birth of Mother of child : Kota, Rajasthan
Time of Birth of mother of child

Now I shall Publish the Natal chart of Mother and the Transit chart of the mother on 13th oct 1998.

Look at the Transit chart on 13/10/1998, the date of Birth of daughter. Jupiter is in 5th house (see rule 2), Saturn in 7th house aspecting the 9th house (see rule 1 above), Mars aspecting the 5th house from 11th house. (Rule 3).

Basis this above principle, I again tried the same technique on the birth chart of the daughter of Mothers sister. Her sister has one Son and One Daughter. The Daughter is elder one and son is Junior. Both the sisters are twins but have different family set up. The chart shown above of mother has only one child , a Daughter.

Now look at the Transit Chart of Mothers Twin sister (You can see that Both are Libra ascendents). Her Daughter was born on 26/3/1997. The 5th house lord is Saturn himself so rule 1 is complied. Jupiter in 4th house is niether aspecting 5th house or 5th lord or 9th house or 9th lord. Hence Rule 2 is not complied. Mars is aspecting the 5th house and hence rule 3 is complied. Therefore mothers chart is not promising this. 

lets see the charts of Husband of Mothers sister.

In the Transit chart of the Husband on 26/3/1997, Saturn is in 5th house and hence rule 1 is complete. Jupiter himself is owner of 5th house which complies with rule 2. Mars from 10th house is aspecting 5th house which completes rule 3. 

Now lets see whether the same applied to birth of her son. The mothers sister son was born on 1/3/2002. So lets see the Husbands transit chart on 1st March 2002 to see whether the rule still applies.

See the 5th house lord . It is Jupiter so rule 2 is already complied with. Saturn in 7th house aspect 9th house complying with Rule 1. Mars with its 4th aspect is looking at 9th house complying with rule 4. Hence this principle also holds good here.

We again applied the same Technique to the Birth of Daughter of second sister who is a Virgo ascendant

Again Saturn is the lord of 5th house and Jupiter is having its 5th aspect to 5th house. Mars is in 12th house but must have aspected one month back to 5th house which was the 9th month of Pregnency. Hence all the above charts are supporting the principles.


We picked up another example where Jupiter and saturn played role at the time of child birth. Below is the Horoscope of father in law of my close friend whose daughter was married with my friend. We tried to analyse the same principle on Father daughter horoscope.

The daughter was born on 16th Sept 1975. The Transit chart of that time mapped on the father horoscope shows Jupiter in 5th House and Saturn in 9th House. Mars is in 7th house but during the 9th Month of Pregnancy it must have been in 6th house and had an aspect on 9th house Saturn. Once again the principle is proved.

We can apply this Technique in various other charts to arrive at the Child birth.


  1. very interesting.....I would like to know when will the couple with the following details give birth to a child ?
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    Time of Birth : 12.28 pm (noon)
    Boy's DOB : 19.09.1988
    Place of Birth : Berhampur (Odisha)
    Time of Birth : 10.40 AM

  2. Current dasa of ketu and antardasa of ketu is fruitful...till june 2017

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    1. HI,


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  8. I am pregnant 3 months. I am expecting the baby 13 april( according to dr). My last pregnancy terminated on 24 th week so I am scared. I want to know if everything is going to be fine. My data is.

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  13. Namaskar Panditji

    Please predict childbirth
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  16. hi can u comment on child birth for me. birth date n time of mine and wife below
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