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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Death of Vilasrao Deshmukh - Astrological analysis

Vilas rao Deshmukh was the CM of Maharashtra for a period of 10 years ending on 2007. He recently died due to Liver Cancer. He was just 67 years of age. let us analyse his Horoscope from the death angle.

Date of Birth : 25/5/1945
Time of Birth : 6.00 AM
Place of Birth : latur Maharashtra, India
Date when he expired :14th August 2012
Time of Death : 2 PM
Place of Death : Chennai Hospital

The Lagna Lord and 6th lord (House of diesease) Venus and 7th (marakasthana) lord are conjoined in 11th House . . Mars is also lord of 12th house which represents hospitalisation. 12th house is the Mooltrikona of Mars.  Mercury the lord of 2nd house (again Maraksthana) is in 12th house ( hospitalisaton.).

I had earlier written in my article that there are several Rashi which represent various body parts and they are as follows 

aries- Head and Face
Taurus - throat
gemini - hands arms lungs
cancer = stomach breasts
leo - heart spine
virgo - intestines, liver
Libra - kidneys
scorpio - sex organs
saggitarius - hips, thighs,  liver
Capricorn - Knees
acquarius - calves and ankles
pisces - feet

The 6th house has Libra sign which represents Kidneys. Further 8th house has sign of Saggitarius with aspect of saturn. Saggitarius sign represents liver and cancer disease is halt in growth of cells. The 8th house is house of death and defines conditions of death. Therefore the reason / condition for death is Liver Cancer.  

Lets look at the Transit Chart of 14th August 2012 , 2.00 PM , Chennai and superimpose the planets on the Natal Chart of the native.

The Mahadasha , Antardasha and pratayantardasha is shown below.

Now lets look at the Dasha and antardasha period. He died when Venus - Moon - Rahu  Mahadasha , antardasha and Bhkukti was running.  Venus being the Marakasthata lord Moon in house of disease and lord of 3rd (place of death), Rahu in another maraka sthana and aspecting 8th house of death. 

Now look at the Transit chart. The Venus and Moon are both in 2nd house which is Maraksthana. Rahu is also in Maraksthana in 7th House. Jupiter the lord of 8th house (Death) is in lagna (Self / Body).. Hence the time was very inauspicious for him. 

May god give peace to his soul.

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