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Monday, August 20, 2012

Infosys - IT Giant -Astrological Analysis

The science of Vedic astrology can be used to predict anything on this earth. The planetary positions give significant impact on the activities performed on this earth. The branch of astrology which deals with this aspect is called Mundane astrology. let us analyse the chart of the Company. The details are as follows:

Date of birth : 2 July 1981
Time of Birth : Assumed at 12.00 noon.
Place of Birth : Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The lagna of the company is Virgo which is a Mool Trikona sign of Mercury and Mercury represents Intelligence , knowledge (Budhi), Information ,Communications, Computers. The other planet which represents and signification of computers is Ketu. The 3rd House is house of Communications, Information , Publishing and is the house of Mercury.

Mercury, the lagna lord is  in the 10th house of Karma / Deeds and is in swaksehtra. The 2nd House  lord (2nd house represents Bank Balance, Treasury, stocks, stored wealth )  of wealth  and 9th house of Fortune and Dharma is in house of Income (11th house) resulting in huge wealth (with ethics as 9th lord is representative of ethics) and fortune for the company.

The 11th lord (House of gains, friends, social connections) is Moon and is placed in 10th house of Karma, profession.  Hence this shows good gains / Income from professional activities.

Jupiter , in lagna is aspecting the 5th house (House of power, creative intelligence) , 7th house (House of Business, partnership and alliances ) and  10th house giving expansion to name , fame , wealth and ethical practices.

The 12th house (house of foreign connection, foreign land ) lord is SUN and that is also placed in 10th house    which means that Company will have foreign connections and will pursue its profession in foreign land.

Rahu in 11th house will extrapolate the Income effect and will be a catalyst in Income generation.

Employee relations
The 6th house shows the working class or the employees. Any affliction to 6th house or lord of 6th house tend to create disruption among the employees. Further the status of loans , debts may also be a cause for the company.

In the above chart, Saturn is well placed in lagna and aspecting 3rd house , 7th house and 10th house. This means that employees will work with the Management in achieving overall progress of the company. If during the transits, Saturn comes under affliction then there could be employee issues but since saturn is well placed in chart, these situations can be managed well.

The company is currently running Saturn Mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti which will end on 26th sept 2012. After that Mercury Mahadasha will be starting which will be extremely good for the company. Mercury being the Lagna Lord and 10th house lord will boost the professional activities of the Company.

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