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Monday, August 20, 2012

Indian Life Insurance Company Analysis using Astrology

Date of birth / Incorporation : 14/7/2006
Place of Birth : Mumbai
Time of Birth : Assumed at 12.00 Noon

The Life insurance Business is a Business related with the death and hence 8th house becomes prime determinant of such Business. Good placement of the 8th lord or benefic aspects to 8th house will bring Good Life Insurance business to the company. Lets analyse the lagna chart below to confirm our findings.

The Company  is a joint venture between a Indian Group and  a French Financial services giant. Therefore we shall first analyse the 7th house of Marriage partnership and alliances. The 7th house has Rahu in Pisces Rashi. Both Rahu and Pisces indicate foreign connections. Hence the Partnership has the foreign element. Now lets understand the General Traits of Rahu and Pisces Rashi and what they can do in 7th house.

Rahu in bhava-7 craves a privileged trust - usually a major social step up, by marriage or diplomatically brokered agreement.There is a passion to be recognized as an equal via bargaining and negotiating with those of higher status, although one has not yet earned the right to genuine equality.
Due to  Rahu's characteristic over-promotion, Rahu in 7th house may enter an inappropriate marriage or alliance contract that is "over one's head".
Rahu , a bargainer, wheeler-dealer, negotiator, contract-maker, facilitator, middle-man, or broker with a special propensity to enter into promises with:
  • privileged foreigners,
  • those with very different expectations,
  • partners of a higher social status or power rank,
  • partners from more powerful cultural backgrounds who may interpret the agreement in ways that are exotic to the expectations of Rahu-7
Rahu engages in exotic or taboo-breaking counseling-advising relationships. Due to these pressures, unstable and ambitious Rahu in 7 generally indicates several marriages / Partnerships. 
Recently in June 2011, there were talks of A pertochemical giant Company being the new Majority partner as existing Indian partner was planning to exit the company within 5 years of floating the company. 
The self-elevating Partner  may display exaggerated social-positioning desires or ambitious expectations. JV Partner expects the marriage/ Alliance  to provide a launching pad for their rise into visibility and wealth.All this indicate cultural issues between the partners.
Rahu the Intruder disrupts the customary habits of alliance (particularly affecting exclusivity contracts) , upsets the schedule of alliance negotiations, and makes one privy to a disturbing and possibly dangerous  partner. Rahu in 7 disregards marriage conventions according to which one should marry an equal of similar background and habits.
So astrologically the above traits of Rahu are  at play. The Company is currently having Rahu Mahadasha till March 2019 post which there will be improvement in the situation.
The 6th house shows competitiveness and 3rd shows energy and enterprise to fight the competition. The 3rd house also represents daily operating activities of marketing,sales etc .The placement of 3rd lord in 12 house shows that such activities will result in losses. 
The 3rd and 8th house (house of death, anything related with dead persons hence Insurance ) Lord mars is placed in 12th house (Dusthana, house of losses, foreign Travel) and aspecting the 6th house which means that the company will loose money in trying to fight the competition.  There will be lot of Foreign travel by the staff due to these planetary positions. 12th house is also house of dissolution. Therefore the energy of Mars will get dissolved in 12th house. Hence the company will not have enough energy to fight the competition (aspect to 6th house) in Life insurance business due to position of Mars (8th house lord of Insurance) in 12th House.

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