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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aeronatuical Engineer working as Financial Stock Trader- its all about your destiny

One of the colleague staying in my housing society met me to ask me some questions about her relative. The chart gives good insight about how Higher learning and actual Karma can differ. The person passed aeronautical engineering but actually worked in a Bank as Financial analyst.

Ketu in lagna give good ability to handle machines especially complex machines. 9th lord Sun is in Mars sign in Bharani nakshatra of Venus. Therefore results of Sun in Mars+Venus nakshatra will prevail in higher learning. Mars is a planet significating engineering and in Venus nakshatra (representing vehicles).

9th lord Sun is aspected by Mars in 5th again giving strength to engineering field.

10th Lord is Mercury and its in Taurus sign representing banks and financial institution. Its in 6th Bhav of service. Its is nakshatra of Moon who is 8th lord and stationed in 12th. The Bank was a Multinational Bank. the 10 from Arudha Lagna is Mercury in taurus sign again confirms his Career in Financial services industry. We also find A10 , arudha pada os 10th house in 2nd house confirming his connection with banking industry. The 2nd house lord saturn is in 10th Bhav further comfirms this.

He lost his Job in 2012 and till date not settled. He was running Venus - Mercury dasa from 2011 to 2014. Mercury , 10th lord and Venus 6th lord with Mercury in Nakshatra of Moon significating 8th and 12th Bhav is the cause of this.

Body                    Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna                    2 Sg 56' 59.38" Mool         1        Sg   Ar
Sun - AK                26 Ar 03' 58.47" Bhar       4        Ar   Sc
Moon - AmK         5 Sc 02' 51.29" Jye            3        Sc   Aq
Mars (R) - DK         6 Vi 47' 50.52" UPha        4       Vi   Pi
Mercury - MK         17 Ta 10' 47.35" Rohi      3      Ta   Ge
Jupiter (R) - PK        10 Li 02' 21.46" Swat      2        Li   Cp
Venus - PiK             13 Pi 17' 38.96" UBha      3        Pi   Li
Saturn (R) - BK         23 Vi 05' 41.31" Hast      4       Vi   Cn
Rahu - GK               22 Ge 43' 41.67" Puna      1      Ge   Ar
Ketu                         22 Sg 43' 41.67" PSha      3        Sg      Li

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