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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Salman Khan - Power of Mangal Grah

Salman khan was born on 27/12/1965 at Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Since we don't have his time of Birth, we looked into his birth chart basis chandra kundli or Lunar Horoscope. 

We have plotted his planetary position of that day and present here our reading. 

Sun (Su) 11° Sag  24' 09.66"  Mula  4  lordship  Ketu  251.40 
Moon (Mo) 24° Cap  22' 19.48"  Dhanishtha  1  lord Mars  and Simha navamsa 294.37 
Mars (Ma) 09° Cap  23' 05.67"  Uttara Ashadha  4  lord Sun  279.38
Venus (Ve) 18° Cap  32' 59.04"  Shravana  3  lord Moon  288.55
Mercury (Me) 20° Scorpio  14' 02.47"  Jyeshtha  2  Mercury  230.23
Jupiter (Ju) 01° Gem  43' 19.18"  Mrigashirsha  3  Mars  61.7
Saturn (Sa) 18° Aqu  39' 12.96"  Shatabhisha  4  Rahu  318.65 
Rahu (Ra) 09° Tau  32' 06.58" Krittika  4  Sun  39.54 

Ketu (Ke) 09° Sco  32' 06.58"  Anuradha 2 saturn

Sun (Su) 11° Sag  24' 09.66"  Mula  4  lordship  Ketu  251.40 

Surya was  in Dhanu rasi , 5th from its natural house and in Nakshatra of Mula, Ketu. This is extremely good position for Surya . 

As per Barbara Pijan , a leading Western astrologer............

when surya is in dhanu , it seeks the center of humanistic philosophy and international affairs . Either genius or hubris or both. Preacher-teacher personality, takes charismatic central roles in the ritual priesthoods, promotes the cause of humanistic education. Visible public behavior = psychologically driven by childhood memories of collective enthusiasm, and praise for savvy awareness of human character.

Note the clothing line launched by Salman '"Being Human". Salman's father (surya represents father) is known for his kind , extremely charitable and Humanistic  disposition. Salman and his father Salim Khan have great respect for all the religions . They are biggest example of Humanistic Philosphy as their family consist of members of all caste and religion.

Moon (Mo) 24° Cap  22' 19.48"  Dhanishtha  1  lord Mars  and Simha navamsa 294.37 

Chandra is in rashi of shani means emotionally exhaustive. Shani will drain his mental energy to accommodate emotions of security, home, shelter running in his mind. Chandrama is 7th from its natural 4th house or rashi karka ( cancer sign). Note here that opposite to Chandra is his natural 4th house but 7th from moon. Salman is highly emotional about his life partner,partners in general and with whom he has alliances. He had resorted to violence or gets aggressive if his emotions are hurted ( see Chandra in dhanishtha nakshatra of mars). We all know his past liasions and outcome on Somi Ali and past episodes with Aishwarya Roy.

Salman loves females because 5th from Chandra in makar rashi is vrishabha rashi lorded by shukra / Venus. This also shows fame from venusian related activities such as films. He got fame due to a love ( Venus)  story. His best hit love stories centered around love with someone in extended family . Note here that vrishabha rasi stands for family. Check any vrishbha lagna person and he will be a family person.

Chandra in dhanishtha nakshatra of mangal (lord of 4th from makar rasi is mesha)  grah or mangala shows emotionally aggressive. Feels Secure and happiness by staying ahead (Aries). Dhanishta nakshatra means upward movement or spiriling upward movement with force. Since mars rules mesha or aries sign,  these people always wish to stay ahead even in domestic or household front .
 The capricorn sign of saturn represents social recognition, high prestige .People born in this nakshatra wants to climb social ladder and have deep desire to get socially recognised through physical  body .

 Being in simha navamsa ,  arts such as dance movements or physical  movements  ( mars rules mesha representing physical body) will make him stay ahead. Look at the super hit block buster performance in  recent film DABANG. Watch out his spiralling dance movements and action scenes which became so famous.( shahrukh khan  was never known for his dance movements ) . His hand movements and spirilling dance movements in Hum apke hai kaun can be watched to validate this.   All his action films are block busters. Mars represents police and therefore his role as policeman in dabang confirms this. In his another blockbuster high earning film WANTED he acted in a role of police officer. Note here that Mars sign Scorpio is 11th from makar rashi confirming  gains . His role as romancing boy in Maine pyar kiya and Hum aapke hai kaun got transformed into a Martian character representing physical strength and violence  in movies like dabang and stepped him in highest social ladder.

His too much aggression has landed him in bad reputation (8th house effect) . Scorpio sign of mars natural signification of accidents  caused a severe accident in which his car ( Venus represents vehicle and is conjoining mars)  ran over poor people sleeping on pavements killing a person in Mumbai.

Mars (Ma) 09° Cap  23' 05.67"  Uttara Ashadha  4  lord Sun  279.38 

Effects of Mars plus shani plus Surya will result.Mars  is exalted. Note here physical body which is represented by Aries sign is strong. He has a best physique in industry. He is a gym lover.
Mars is in nakshatra of sun . Sun is natural mitra or friend of mars and rules  5th sign of Leo  represents performing arts, fame, love   entertainment and power. He is king of entertainment and very famous.

 Sun being owner of 8th sign from makar rashi is sudden  transformatic  grah or planet for Salman as  it brings sudden transformation through theatre or entertainment. Sun natural trait is to give as he is the king. Salman's generous nature is well known. Strong mars promotes brahmacharya. He is unmarried till date.

Venus (Ve) 18° Cap  32' 59.04"  Shravana  3  lord Moon  288.55

Shukra, lord of 5th and 10th from chandra  is in Saturn sign and Moon star.

From chandra lagna , Shukra is lord of 5th and 10th bhav. Venusian traits are quite visible in Salman. He is a good painter , a singer with good voice (note there that venus rules 5th from chandra in his chart (5th represents creative arts)  , dancer , actor. Shukra is in nakshatra of chandra who is lording 7th Bhav.  This means that salman is very much emotional about his reputation (10th house) in outside world (7th Bhav ruled by chandra). as a lord of 5th , when shukra is in makar rashi, its a Rajayoga conferring power wealth and fame because Shukra , 5th lord is in 10th and 11th lord saturn sign. His emotional relationships with his partners is well known. 

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