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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Sage Jamini has given a very good tool for giving us hint what kind of work a person should do be become successful. I am presenting lot of charts here to prove the concept of Arudha lagna.

1st house is Brahmasthana,7th house (house of desire, marriage) is Sivasthana and stronger of these two is where Narayana lives. Both 1st and 7th are to be seen for judging one’s attitude.
1st and the 7th houses are of Satya and Arudha is the Maya. So, there is an exception in this case – if the Arudha falls in the 1st or 7th of corresponding house (not from Lagna) – then take the 10th house from where the computed Arudha is, to find the real Arudha of that house. That means its Karmasthana rules the Arudha.
In case of dual ownership of Sc and Aq, take the stronger of those houses to be the lord to find its Arudha. There will be actually two Arudha’s in these cases of different strength, which can manifest during their aspects. Arudhas can be seen in any divisional chart. For example  A4 in D-16 will show what kind of car one has. – Vahana sukha in 4th house and vahana in A10.
Sg is the dharma sthana of the natural zodiac and is an agni rasi.For example if Sa is in A10, then he will be doing Sa kind of work and more can be said depending on what amsa Sa is in.  A10 will show what kind of work one is doing, where as 10th from A10 will show the perception people have in their minds on the work the native is doing.

Basis above principle , let us analyse the Arudha of Rasi and dasamsa chart of a person . This person is a C.A and has worked in many industries such as Telecom & Insurance in most of his career. Only for some time he was a in a Cola Company and that too in Financial Planning department. He is a Finance person and has Served in many positions. Therefore for telecom (3rd house) and Planet Mercury (Telecom) should play a significant role. 3rd house also stands for planning , scheduling, communications.

For Insurance , 8th house  or Scorpio sign must show up as Life Insurance industry related to dead.

We shall call AL as Arudha lagna, A10 as arudha of 10th house.

As per his Birth Chart, his AL is in 10th , Karmasthana. This shows that he likes working  and will be perceived by outside world as committed worker.  The AL is in Gemini sign which is sign of communication , Report writing , Computers. The person has strong interest in IT ,messaging and has good writing and communication skills both in spoken and written. This proves his karmasthana in telecom. Mars , 8th lord is aspecting 10th house  shows his connection with Insurance Industry.

What Kind of work he will be doing
His A10 of Rasi chart is in first house. A-10 has Virgo sign with exalted Mercury (analytical , accounting, numbers) , Jupiter (Intelligence) & Venus. He has been in Reporting and finalisation of accounts jobs. Mercury is exalted. Hence very Strong. The person has very high analytical ability .

D-10 Dasamsa

In the Dasamsa chart ,  AL is in 3rd house which represents Communications Media , report writing etc. This further confirms his Career  in Telecom. A-10 in Dasamsa chart is  in 2nd house with Jupiter and Moon. Jupiter is lagna lord and hence its placement in Trines to D-10.

Moon , 8th house lord is in trines to D-10 showing his connection with Insurance Industry.

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