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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shahrukh Khan Vs BCCI & Mumbai Rave party -Astrological analysis

India Horoscope is Taurus asecndent and the planetary positions on 20th May 2012 is as above. The 6th house has the mooltrikona sign of Venus and 8th House has Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter.

6th House

It represents world of work, employment, sub servants people like employees, servants, health, diet, nutrition, food served, clothing, stress, coping with stress, pets, domestic pets, illness, analysis, exercise, taking responsibility for your efforts, worry , inner restlessness,general insecurity, internally generated rejection, co-workers, dependents, faithfulness, allegiances, devotion, and the healing process,quality of your health and your physical well being.

Workaholics have heavy 6th house placements, feeling that they have to work harder to gain recognition and acceptance. hypochondriacs have heavy sixth house placements, as well as health conscious fitness freaks. It also shows eating disorders and your food preferences. Organization and the ability to be organized as well as your feelings about work in general.

Natal Chart: Food, clothing, comforts and domestic pets; mental or physical conflicts resulting from the externalization of the Ego. As such it depicts any enmity between the Ego and the physical body, out of which mental, nervous or organic disease may develop. It is an obscure arc, since the nature of service rendered or received is more or less personal, unobtrusive and routine.

 It is also shown as House of service as  it portrays one's capacity to serve, as also the character and qualities of those who serve him - his employees and dependents, and his relations with them.

Sixth house represents disputes, Dieseases, Litigation, mental tensions, competitions. In Mundane astrology it represents public health, armed forces, civil service workers and police, as the servants of the country; and in general, the laboring class, workers in all trades, involuntary services be people.
On national front it represents, Labor Party such as CPM, in judicial area,the deliberations of the jury,  in a Company or Organization, workers or employees, their attitude, efficiency and general condition; the health condition of the personnel as affecting the organization.

12th House oppsoite to 6th House.

This house represents the organised way of workers basically unions that has to do with the strikes etc.

8th House

Its a house of Death, Cruelity, accidents, suffering, occult  (hidden things),Mutual sharing , Trust, sexual acitivty, things which wish to get rid off. It also represents estate of the deceased. Money belonging to other people.

In Mundane it represents Public income , export income, earning power of nation, frozen assets like property stocks , bonds, National debt, monetary standard, Finance Minster, interest rates; public ,finance companies, Trust and insurance companies.Largely this house represents liabilities as compared to assets in 2nd house. Birth Rate and Mortality rate in differnt population class dependening on planetary aspects presence.

From organisation perspective, it represnets , Losses and gains through or on account of death, or in connection with the estates of deceased persons, financial conditions  in partnerships, mergers or lawsuits,  financial relations with competitors & their financial condition, revenue from investments, or through liquidation of frozen assets, loans and income from sources not under immediate control of the the company or organisation,  company treasurer, as distinguished from the Treasury.

From National perspective it shows the financial relations with and the financial condition and obligations of other countries with respect to the nation for the capital of which the Figure is cast.

The difference between 2nd house which is opposite to eighth house is that second house represents the wealth accumulation and earning capacity on creation and accumulation of assets but 8th house shows how third parties which are instrumentl in creating this wealth will behave. that means reaction of outside forces which are beyond his control. That is why it is more concerned with  liabilities.

 Astro analysis of the events in Mumbai

The 6th lord is venus which is a representative of Entertainment , media celebrities etc. Venus is in Taurus in ascendent having malefic aspect of Rahu.  Further venus is with Sun and Moon which have enmity with venus . Also ascendent is on Rahu ketu axis.Hence the event of dispute of Media celebrity Shah Rukh Khan clearly shows the effect of planetary movements.

Further the 7th house has Rahu which is a representative of drugs , chemicals. Rahu is aspecting ascendent which shows Police  action by State Government on the Mumbai rave party due to Drug abuse going on in party. This has become a national event and has hit the headlines. The presence of 6th lord and 8th with aspect of rahu in ascendent will further produce more such incidents till the planets are in these positions.