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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Case of dehydration - Transit of planets

This is a transit chart of a lady with planetary positions as of 04/05/2012. She is currently going through acute dehydration and is hospitalized. Lets analyse the chart carefully. The natal chart has been used  considering Capricorn as her ascendant lagna which is her Birth lagna. The planetary position on 4th May 2012 has been shown on the natal chart for analyzing the situation.

Look the at 6th lord Mercury which is in debilitation in the 3rd house. The 3rd house has a watery sign pisces and the same is aspected by Mars in leo (Fire sign and Hot planet) . Mars is malefic as the same is occupying 8th house and having malefic aspect. This shows that excessive heat of mars has absorbed the water from body.We have told her that her condition will improve after May 15th 2012 when Mercury will enter Aries sign and sun will also move out of aries sign to Taurus. Since Saturn is not malefic as it owns 1st and second house in transit hence the same may not impact much when Mercury moves into Aries.

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