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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Divorce case - Astro Analysis

This is a chart of a lady whose date of Birth is 21.5.1976 and time is 14.45.  The lady got divorced in Dec 2011. We shall now study the planetary position in the chart and will analyse the situation. The lady got married in year 2002 and was divorced after 10 years of her marriage. The lady suffered constant physical abuse of almost 10 years and finally left her home outside India. She was staying in Foreign for almost 4 years before the divorce took place.

The marriage is seen from 7th House. The Domestic happiness is seen from 2nd House and 4th house. The eight house from 7th is 2nd house for Husband.

The 7th and 4th Lord Jupiter is in eighth house. Also the 2nd House lord venus is also in 8th house. The 6th lord saturn is aspecting the 8th house and Rahu in 2nd house is also aspecting the 8th house. Hence 8th house is badly afflicted. Also 8th house is 2nd for the Husband which represents Domestic happiness. Further 6th lord Saturn (planet of separation and house of separation) is Conjoined with 8th lord mars in 11th House. Further 6th house (12th house for Husband which represents exit or finish)  is also badly afflicted which has aspect of 8th lord Mars.

At the time of her exit from house in Foreign country and during the Divorce proceedings , the lady was running Saturn Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha which clearly relates with the actual prevailing conditions.

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