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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heart Disease

Following is the Chart of the native who has heart problem in very young age of 40.

 This person is a libra ascendent and  6th lord (house of Disease) Jupiter is in ascendant with SUN which is in debilitation as sun is in libra. Sun represents Heart and presence of 6th lord with sun indicates heart trouble. In addition to this, Saturn is also in debilitation in seventh house and is having 7th aspect to Ascendant. Also Saturn has 10th aspect to 4th house which represents heart. Further the 8th lord Venus is also with 6th Lord Jupiter  and conjunction with sun.  All these combinations put together shows strong chances of Heart Trouble.

The native was running a Mahadasha of Moon and antardasha of venus starting from 6/9/2010 and had to undergo surgery last year in February  2011.