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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Detection of Breast Cancer- Case Study

There are several Rashi which represent various body parts and they are as follows 

aries- Head and Face
Taurus - throat
gemini - hands arms lungs
cancer = stomach breasts
leo - heart spine
virgo - intestines
libra - kidneys
scorpio - sex organs
saggitarius - hips thighs
Capricorn - Knees
acquarius - calves and ankles
pisces - feet

I was studying a horoscope of my neighbour which has the following planets and rashis in the houses in her horoscope.

Planetary Positions

If the 6th house has any of these rashis, that part of body will be affected. Along with that you have to see the position of sixth lord. If the 6th lord is strong and aspected by benefics then the intensity of disease will be very vey low but if it is with malefics or have malefic aspect then you will contract that disease.

Planetary Positions

Planets Sign Longitude Nakshatra Pada

Asc Capricorn 027-37-36 Dhanishta 2
Sun Libra 014-18-53 Swati 3
Moon Gemini 023-08-38 Punarvasu 1
Mars Capricorn 003-25-05 Uttarashadha 3
Merc Libra 004-19-54 Chitra 4
Jupt Virgo 027-37-22 Chitra 2
Venu Virgo 023-39-28 Chitra 1
Satn [R] Aries 011-51-54 Ashvini 4
Rahu [R] Aquarius 025-06-42 Purvabhadra 2
Ketu [R] Leo 025-06-42 Purvaphalgini 4
Uran Virgo 012-58-40 Hasta 1
Nept Scorpion 004-14-19 Anuradha 1
Plut Virgo 002-59-31 Uttaraphal 2

Mahasdasha and Antardasha

MER -17 Years
From 23/ 1/01 To 23/ 1/18

MER 20/ 6/03
KET 17/ 6/04
VEN 17/ 4/07
SUN 23/ 2/08
MON 23/ 7/09
MAR 20/ 7/10
RAH 8/ 2/13 ( This is current Antar dasha)
JUP 14/ 5/15
SAT 23/ 1/18

In the above  horoscope , her moon is in 6th house (Moon represents Breasts), the 6th lord Mercury was in 10th house along with 8th lord sun (8 th house is very malefic and represents Death) and had aspect of saturn from seventh house. Further Mars in lagna (represents Body, self ) also has its 8th aspect on 8th house hence 8th lord sun has become highly malefic. She was detected cancer (saturn represents cancer diesease) in mercury Mahadasha, rahu antardasha and saturn pratayantardasha. (see the involvement of planets and their timing)...... Amazingly right...light of Jyotish..This is power of Jyotish.

Similarly , I have 11th sign acquarius in 6th house. The 11th sign is acquarius and represents knees and calves. My 6th lord saturn is in 8th house (again malefic) and saturn is also in neecha rashi . Also the 8th house has 7th aspect by my neecha SUN (Sun in Libra is debilitated)  in 2nd house  I have severe pain in my ankles when I sleep in the night.

Another important point is that if you lagna is strong, then one will overcome diesease and will also face harsh aspects of life. Lagna or Ascendent (Not Moon sign or Moon lagna) or the first house should have benefic planets then even the death can also be countered . However there may be death like experience.

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