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Sunday, April 29, 2012

6th House of the Horoscope- Dieseases

The health of a native is seen from the 6th house in a horoscope. 6th house is also called Dusthana. In addition to this , the first house is  also considered and relation ship of first house and 6th house shows the disease which a native can have. 

There are several Rashi which represent various body parts and they are as follows 

aries- Head and Face
Taurus - throat
gemini - hands arms lungs
cancer = stomach breasts
leo - heart spine
virgo - intestines
libra - kidneys
scorpio - sex organs
saggitarius - hips thighs
Capricorn - Knees
acquarius - calves and ankles
pisces - feet

sun -  right eye for men, left eye for women , Brain , right side of body.
Moon - Body liquids , left side of Body, Breasts, stomach, Uterus, to taste
Mercury - Tongue , rectum , nerve transmission , hormones
Venus - skin, smell, female genital organs, vagina, throat 
Mars - Left ear , men reproductive organs , penis , blood, muscles testosterone
Jupiter - sugar , liver, gall bladder,
Saturn - Left ear skeleton system
Uranus - electricity in body , nerve impulses, cerebral electric impulses.
Neptune - intra cellular liquids , immunity system 
Pluto - Testicles

If the 6th house has any of the above Rashi, then that part will be affected provided 6th house as an aspect of malefics or there are malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu , Mars are present in the 6th house.

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