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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Transit of Shani and Rahu - 2017 (Jail, shocks ,marital problems, stress, confusion)

I got a call from one of my close colleagues who is going through severe marital distress. His spouse filed a criminal case few weeks back on Domestic violence (after 10 years of being in marriage) and yesterday his bail got rejected by court despite the fact that there was tons of evidence given to Session court Judge to substantiate that it is a false case. She was demanding her share in property. 

The boy is Simha lagna (not chandra lagna as simha)  and Girl is Makar lagna with shani in 7th Bhav in their natal charts. 

When I looked at the natal chart of boy, the chart is smashed in terms of marriage as Venus is conjoining mangal and surya in 2nd Bhav (longevity of marriage Bhav). However his chart doesnt have any bandhana Yoga so jail possibility is ruled out in natal chart.

Another known colleague of mine who is also a simha lagna person also called up as his wife also landed in court after 12 years of marriage and is asking for divorce. He is having sleepless nights and lot of anxiety and he is getting angry despite the fact that he is not a personality like that and is of very Jovial nature.

Why is this happening.??

I opened first person Birth chart and checked the Transits. I found that Rahu was in his natal lagna and shani was retrograde in Scorpio in 4th Bhav and hence it will have drishti on natal lagna. This is a very very malefic combination because shani is lord of 6th Bhav and 7th Bhav for simha lagna. It is highly trouble some for simha because he  has natural enemity with surya unless it is Temporal friendship.

Rahu, a graha which eclipses surya is also dire enemy and  the 7th co lord Lord (for 7th Bhav the Rashi is Kumbha) for simha lagna. Being  in simha rashi as on date, Rahu is in lagna of these poeple and hence creating this trouble. 

Shani is in 4th Bhav and hence the matter is relating to Home and property and has 10th drishti on rahu from 4th . Shani is 6th lord of disputes and 7th lord of wife Bhav. The 7th Bhav is also his mooltrikona. Hence this combination will create lot of trouble for simha lagna people. 

As on date, Rahu being in lagna, there is a danger to reputation and may be  maligning his image also. Simha lagna people should stay away from people born in rahu nakshatra.

When will this malefic effect will be over.??

shani will be moving to 5th Bhav on dhanu once its retrogression is over. Hence this combination will be broken shortly on 25th August 2017 at 17:39 when shani becomes direct .

On 21st August 2017, Rahu will move to Karka rashi which is 12th rashi from simha lagna. Hence there will be some respite and with Jupiter .For Leos, Rahu will enter their 12th house and this will lead to increase in expenses. There may be sudden journeys or travel plans that can lead to financial issues. 


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