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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Career problem

Dear sir, 
I am XXX from Bangalore ,below are my details

dob 06/dec/1979
Tob: 02:48am
pob: bangalore

Please let me know when my career will be stable. Not getting enough money to lead life. Very frustrated. Please guide me. 

Thank you, 

Inline image 1

My observations are as follows:

5th Lord and 9th Lord make the profession unstable. In your Birth chart 5th lord is Saturn (Shani) and 9th Lord is venus (Shukra). Both these planets are looking at your 10th Bhav (career). This is the reason of your unstable career. Shani is in marana karak sthana and lord of your house of service. It is very weak, Further shani is placed 8th from its natural Bhav which makes it further problematic. You are currently under shani mahadasha which will run upto 2020 post which Mercury mahadasha is starting. Post 2020 your career will move up.

Moon (chandra) in 10th Bhav will make your income very fluctuating. Your profession is associated with numbers like accounts, finance or Telecom / IT. We also find Ketu in 6th Bhav of Service.

lagna (self) and 10th Lord Mercury (Budha) is in 2nd Bhav in friendly sign of Venus. 

Also as per the Shadbala (6 level power) rank of graha.

Inline image 2
Inline image 3

You can clearly see that your Income lord moon (chandra) has the lowest power as it is ranked 7th in the Rank of power of planets out of 7 planets. However Mercury has 2nd Rank and has good power , therefore, will give you wealth during its approaching mahadasa starting from 2020.

Bhav Bala (6 fold strength in which area of life)

Inline image 4
Inline image 5

Your 1st house is strongest. This means that you are self confident and have the intellect (Budhi) . Further the 10th house of career is also strong as it has the 2nd Rank but the Income Bhav (11th Bhav) has the rank 11 clearly showing problems in Income.

Watch your mercury mahadasa and things will be alright. the Mercury Mahadasa will run till 2037 so dont worry.

Inline image 1

This is Dasamsa Chart. This chart is a Subsidiary chart in addition to rashi Chart. Again we find moon is 6th Lord of Service and in 10th Bhav of career and debilitated (neecha) in sign of mars. 

 Mercury, 10th Lord of rashi chart is placed in 6th Bhav indiacting that you will take Service instead of Business. Mercury dispositor is Chandra in D-10 Chart and chandra is weak . 

I suggest you wear Moti in neck and start any voluntary service to social organisations free to give strength to moon. Support mothers organisations / NGO who work for mother, mother land . Such activities will burn your negative karmas of past life.


  1. Hello sir,
    Me Pramila. Meri pehli beti priyal 3 month ki home god ke pas gayi 22 may 2017. Use but birth time pe food pipe me gap tha. 2 operation liye. Dusre operation ke 3 din bad wo god ke pas gai. Pause nahi the to bhi logose madar mang ke operation Kiya.fir bhi wo chali gai.hame wo pet me 7 month ki thi tab pata chala tha.lekin hamne terminet nahi Kiya. Muze next child kab hoga. Ladki hogi kya. My huby details 22 October 1985 time 9.55 morning location satara. My details 11 December 1983 time 9.30 morning.location Pune. Aur next child healthy hogi kya.please reply sir.

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