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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Business not working & Financial hardships

8.10 am ;


The native Business is not working well. He had garment Business which has been shut down. He is now doing business of corporate Gifting . The mother of the native approached for seeking remedy and which business he should be doing.

Jyotish comments

Venus and mercury are aspecting the 7th house showing Trading business related to cloths (venus). Shani is the lord of 7th Bhav of business and is in 12th Bhav of losses. Venus is the badhaka.

Surya , lord of 2nd is in marana karaka sthana in 12th bhav of losses conjoined with shatru grah Shani , the 7th lord.

Both wealth (2) and business (7th) will suffer. Relationship with wife will also suffer.

Lagna badhaka

Chara lagna karka is rising and hence the badhaka sthan will be 11th Bhav having vrishbha sign. Therefore income will suffer. Shukra is the badhkesa and is in lagna.

Shukra is the badhkesa so feeding the general public is remedy especially sick people. Feeding to ladies (sumangalese) should also be done.

 Shukra is in vrishbha rasi so chanting of ganesh mantra will remove the obstacles

एकदन्ताय हुं
ekadantāya huṁ

Badhkesa is in lagna (karka sign) and since 12th from badhkesa is deity who is angry because of dirt on his image (badhka is in lagna which is image)  so distribution of standing picture or idol of Annapoorna and laxmi (shukra is in satvic sign karka) should be done as remedy.

Badhkesa is in jala rashi , so offering of milk , ghee and sweets should be done to Devi annapoorna and Mahalaxmi. 

Chandra is in Badhaka house. Therefore installation of water distribution outlets should be done. Food should also be given to people. Chandra in vrishbha rashi shows durga.

 Prasna marga says …

Place of attack by Badhak rasi

Stanza 122. — The place from which the attack comes is signified by the sign which happens to be the 'house of harm'.

Aries — gold and silver mines, diamond mines, canals and serpent's abode. 

Taurus — all places mentioned for Aries and farm houses, fields of cultivation and beautiful spots.

Taurus sign represents the clothing and apparels and hence this business will suffer.

12th from badhaka grah shukra  has shani showing that the image of the deity has got the dirt. Badhkesa also lords 4th Bhav.  

Badhaka is in navamsa of moon in rasi and in navamsa of surya in navasmsa chart, therefore the remedy should be suggested by holy Brahmins.

Guru , 6th lord is aspecting the badhkesa from 7th. Therefore there is enemity from Brahmins or learned people. Respect to brahmins and learned people should be  given.

Atma karaka chandra in badhaksthana

If Moon or Venus becomes Atmakaraka or Atmakarak is conjoined with Venus or Moon in Navamsa chart, this shows luxurious nature and sexual weakness/indulgences/ as a lack of spirituality, knowledge and guidance.

Karaka lagna (where atma karaka is placed)    

Parasara 44.14 sloka says

If the 8th and 12th houses from karaka lagna are joined weak and malefic planets


If the lords of the 8th and 12th house join or aspect the karaka lagna , poverty and financial hardship results.                       

As per his birth chart , 8th house from karaka lagna ( KL) (Taurus) is lorded by Jupiter and 12th from KL has no planet. Hence there is no such combination. However Jupiter is aspecting the KL lord Venus.

The 8th lord is Saturn and the 12th lord is mercury. Mercury is aspecting the karaka lagna. Hence this is partially complete. Also KL venus is conjoined Jupiter. The native is facing financial difficulties but not to such an extent.

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