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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trines in Birth Chart

The trines or trikone in the Birth chart or rashi chart shows the blessings due to Punya in the past life. This is shown by 5th House or Bhav. This Bhav also shows the power and authority and the Graha residing in this Bhav shall show the area or the Subject Matter in which the blessings will manifest.

Let us study some Charts to check this concept.


Image result for shahrukh khan birth chart

In the above chart , venus is in 5th House showing the blessings of laxmi . Venus shows films and love. Shahrukh Khan is known for hos image as most Romantic hero of todays time. Jupiter aspect from 11th bhav has given him tremendous gains in Venus related acitivties.


Image result for rajinikanth horoscope

Again like Shahrukh Khan , Venus is in 5th Bhav making him the Superstar. The 2nd and 11th Bhav of earnings is lorded by Mercury and it is conjoining Venus which gave him tremendous wealth. Mercury stands for acting and mimicry.


Image result for Bill gates Birth chart

In the chart of Bill Gates , the 5th Bhav is occupied by 3rd Lord Surya which signifies IT , Communications. Venus Lord of 5th  and being in 5th Bhav making the Bhav Strong. Venus is also  Lord of 12th Bhav in 5th showing cross border or international market, Exalted Shani , 9th lord of fortune is also in 5th Bhav. 


Image result for Indira gandhi Birth chart

5th Bhav has Surya , natural lord of 5th Bhav and represents Kingship is in 5th Bhav. Surya is 2nd Lord of accumulated wealth Bhav 2. Surya have her Kingship of India as she was the Prime Minister.


Image result for Indira gandhi Birth chart

Again Surya is in 5th bhav in the Birth chart opening the gates of fruits of past birth good deeds. Surya being the 2nd Lord and natural Bhav Owner of 5th bhav is in friendly Rashi of mangal.


Image result for Birth chart of Obama

Look at the Birth chart where the moon is exalted . This shows tremendous support from Public. Look at the Navamsa chart, Surya again . He was the American president for 10 years. Venus (wife) was very supportive and his tenure didn't met with any much controversies.


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