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Friday, December 25, 2015

Anna Hazare

Kisan Baburao Hazare was born on 15 June 1937[ (some sources say 15 January 1940) in Bhingar, near Ahmednagar. He was the eldest son of Baburao Hazare and Laxmi Bai. He has two sisters and four brothers. He later adopted the name Anna, which in Marathi means "elder person" or "father".
His father worked as an unskilled labourer in Ayurveda Ashram Pharmacy and struggled to support the family financially. In time, the family moved to their ancestral village of Ralegan Siddhi, where they owned a small amount of agricultural land. A relative took on the burden of providing Kisan with an education, taking him to Mumbai because the village had no primary school. The relative became unable financially to continue the support and Kisan's schooling ended in the Standard Seventh grade; his siblings never attended school.
( source Wikipedia) 


Jyotisa reading from chart basis position of planets
Shani , Lord of 12 bhav ,  in 2nd Bhav of wealth will give lot of constraints and poverty. It's 10th Drishti to 11th bhav will severally affect income . Problems in basic education caused by shani 3rd drishti to 4th bhav of school education. Wealth Bhav Lord guru debilitated in 12th bhav. 

debilitated guru 5th drishti also impacting basic education away from home (12th bhav jupiter , away from home land or place of Birth) . 

 Hazare was drafted in the Indian Army in April 1960, where he initially worked as an army truck driver and was later attested as a soldier.He undertook army training at Aurangabad.

Jyotisa reading from chart

Mangal ( atma karaka) is ruling 10 bhav and 3rd bhav ( transport) having grah drishti of Shukra ( karaka for vehicles). 

During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was posted at the border in the Khem Karan sector. He was the sole survivor of an enemy attack—variously claimed to have been a bomb, an aerial assault and an exchange of fire at the border—while he was driving a truck.

Jyotisa reading from chart

4th bhav in birth chart shows mother land , defence , security , patriotism . His 10th Lord is MANGAL ( Atma karaka) and Ketu and presence of Ketu in 4th confirms career in military . Mangal 8th aspect to 4th bhav from 9th confirms fighting related career at homeland or defending home land and its custom and people. 
Ketu ( bombs &  aerial direction ) , co Lord of 10th ( karma bhav)  is conjoining 8th ( death) Lord Budh in shukra ( transport) rashi in 4th bhav ( defence , security of mother land) . 
 Budh , 8th Lord , is in 4th bhav is trine to 8th and represents dying for the mother land. Shani , karaka for longevity , rashi drishti to 8th and grah drishti to 8th Lord will enhance his  longevity. 

In 2003 corruption charges were raised by Hazare against four NCP ministers of the Congress-NCP government. He started his fast unto death on 9 August 2003. He ended his fast on 17 August 2003 after then chief minister Sushil Kumar Shinde formed a one-man commission headed by the retired justice P. B. Sawant to probe his charges. 

Hazare started a hunger strike on 5 April 2011 to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a stringent anti-corruption law, The Lokpal Bill, 2011 as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal Bill, for the institution of an ombudsman with the power to deal with corruption in public places.

Jyotisa reading from chart
Second bhav represents food and mouth. When lagna Lord is in second and since it is Saturn , body will not take food . Person will not get to eat food due to poverty or due to any other reason. 
Foreign Policy magazine named him among top 100 global thinkers in 2011. Also in 2011, Hazare was ranked as the most influential person in Mumbai by a national daily newspaper.He has faced criticism for his authoritarian views on justice, including death as punishment for corrupt public officials and his alleged support for forced vasectomies as a method of family planning.
Hazare began an "indefinite fast on  5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi as part of the campaign to form a joint committee comprising government and civil society representatives. He wanted this committee to draft a bill that had more stringent penal provisions and gave more independence to the Lokpal and Lokayuktas (ombudsmen in the states). The fast came after his demand was rejected by the prime minister, Manmohan Singh. Hazare said, "I will fast until Jan Lokpal Bill is passed". 
The movement attracted attention in the media, and thousands of supporters. Almost 150 people reportedly joined Hazare in his fast. Social activists, including Medha PatkarArvind Kejriwal, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, and Jayaprakash Narayan lent their support. People showed support in social media. In addition to spiritual leaders Sri Sri Ravi ShankarSwami RamdevSwami Agnivesh, the former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev and many other celebrities supported him. Hazare decided that he would not allow any politician to sit with him. The protesters rejected Uma BhartiOm Prakash Chautala and others when they visited the protest.  On 6 April 2011 Sharad Pawar resigned from the group of ministers formed for reviewing the 2010 draft. 

Jyotisa reading from chart
He has Surya in 5th bhav which will give long lasting fame. He has been constantly in TV news ( surya in mithuna rasi which represents media publishing etc) and newspapers for his fight for corruption. Surya in 5th bhav will be a true supporter for truth. He has been following Gandhian way of fighting by using Satyagraha ( surya) as his weapon. He associated himself with Arvind Kejriwal ( who is born in krittika nakshatra  of surya) for fighting corruption. 
Surya represents celebrities and famous people and 5th bhav represents supporters or followers. All the famous people including celebrities joined him on the stage for support and became his followers. 
Trines shows people who will support the individual. In 5th bhav it's surya and in 9th bhav it's Mangal. Kiran bedi , an ex police officer ( Mangal in Shukra rashi shows a female warrior) joined him in support for his cause. 
Mangal ( warrior)  in 9th Bhav  ( dharma) in Tula rashi ( justice ) has made him a  warrior for dharma or righteousness and  justice. Surya and Mangal in trines has made this individual as unstoppable force to establish dharma or righteousness in society ( aspect to 4th bhav) . 
In the early 2000s Hazare led a movement in Maharashtra state which forced the state government to enact a revised Maharashtra Right to Information Act. This Act was later considered as the base document for the Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI), enacted by the Union Government. It also ensured that the President of India assented to this new Act.
On 20 July 2006 the Union Cabinet amended the Right to Information Act 2005 to exclude the file noting by the government officials from its purview. Hazare began his fast unto death on  9 August 2006 in Alandi against the proposed amendment. He ended his fast on 19 August 2006, after the government agreed to change its earlier decision. 
Jyotisa reading from chart
Surya ( right) in mithuna ( information) effect has made him lead a movement for right to information act. 

Shani rashi drishti to surya ( govt) resulted in opposing ( Shani drishti on 11th bhav which is opposite to 5th bhav surya representing govt ) by using fasting ( Shani in 2nd bhav of food) 

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