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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Profession in Company selling Xerox machines

I was working with Modi Xerox ( selling photocopy and printing machines and fax machines) in 1998 in delhi and had a colleague who also worked in my department. I recently met him after 15 years and told him my interest in jyotisa . He requested me to do his Chart reading.

His date of birth is as follows

Time of birth 8.35 am.
 As far as my own horoscope is concerned , it's gemini sign in 10th house confirming my karma shetra in printing and telecom. ( I left Xerox in 2000 and then worked with  Telecom companies. 

When I looked at his chart , it was Taurus sign in 10th house in his chart whose Lord venus was occupying gemini sign in 11th house confirming his karmashetra also in printing. I then asked him that since Taurus is ruling 10th house , there must be some association with the banks ( Taurus represents financial institutions) . He told me that he has been recently shifted from delhi to Mumbai and has been made incharge as service delivery manager taking care of banking clients. Interestingly his 8th house had Saturn (6th Lord of service and 7th Lord ( 7th is 10th from 10th) . Saturn was aspecting his 10th house from 8th. Saturn represents  shadow and Xerox  machine is shadow based printing. He has been working there for now almost 17 years earlier as secretary and now made as service delivery manager recently. Saturn occupying 8th and aspecting 10th confirm service  for such a long duration. Taurus is fixed sign ( pruthi tatva)  in his 10th house has also contributed to no career or job change. 

He then shared and confessed that he has lack of confidence since early childhood age. I looked at his chart and found that he was leo ascendant and sun was in Marana karaka Sthan . I told him this is the single biggest reason of his lack of confidence and advised him to worship sun and enchant surya Beej mantra. 

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